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 Social Media Roundup – 100 Major Social Media Updates of 2022

Social Media Roundup – 100 Major Social Media Updates of 2022

2022 is coming to an end! And there are a lot of wrap-up posts and round-up posts surfing online. One wrap-up post that took the Internet by storm was that of Spotify where users were notified of their listening habits, favorite tracks, and more. It became so popular that we couldn’t stop ourselves from creating our own SpotifyWrapped version of Simplify360!

Anyways, let’s get to the point. What you’re seeing here is a similar round-up post that consists of 100 major social media updates from the year 2022. 

From Elon Musk taking over Twitter to TikTok being considered a threat to national security in the USA, we’ve included everything here. 

Honestly, 2022 is THE YEAR when most of the social platforms released major updates with user experience in mind. And yes, the battle to be the most popular social media platform.

That said, let’s head to our round-up post. We’ve categorized them month-wise so that there is a clear understanding of the timeline as to when things are happening.

January Social Media Updates Round-Up

1. Instagram’s “IG Live Badges”
Earlier in January, Instagram launched its IG Live Badges. The feature started to draw top talent to the platform and has proven fruitful. Currently, the feature is one of the top-most monetizing features on the platform. People pay to buy the badge and to donate money for their favorite creators to go Live.

You can read more about it here.

2. LinkedIn’s Version of Clubhouse
Many social media platforms tried following the frenzy of Clubhouse Audio Rooms. LinkedIn, alongside Slack, Facebook, Spotify, etc launched its audio room earlier in January this year.

In the turn of recent events, LinkedIn has entered the battle of winning consumer attention. Alongside Twitter and Clubhouse, now this platform also caters to B2B customer experience with its audio events.

3. Twitter’s New Tweet Composer
The year started with Twitter trying various features to increase user engagement. One such feature was Twitter shifting its tweet composer position to the main feed.

Click here to know all about Tweet Composer.

4. Twitter Enabled “Enclosed” Tweet Sharing
Earlier in the year, Twitter was experimenting with a feature called Flock. The feature aimed at enabling Twitteratis to share tweets within a preferred group.

The feature was rolled out for testing in May, and globally launched in August.

5. Instagram Launched Video Remix Option
In December 2021, Instagram announced its shift towards short video content. The platform has rolled out various tools to enhance the usage of this content form. Video Remix was the first such feature. It allowed users to remix any Instagram video to create a new reel. 

Later, ‘Gram also came up with the Photo Remix feature (July ‘22), which was a collaborative attempt for reel makers. 

6. Twitter Released NFT Profile Images
Twitter now allows you to add the NFTs owned by you to your profile. The feature was first announced in January ’22 to increase the craze around Twitter Blue.   

Read this guide to learn how to set NFT as your profile picture.

7. Instagram’s Fan Subscriptions Option
Following Facebook’s Subscriptions option, Meta released the same for Instagram. This was the first of numerous attempts made by Instagram in 2022 to avoid losing creators to TikTok.

Instagram Subscription is a purple crown button, that allows followers to buy a monthly subscription to their preferred creator.

Instagram Fans Subscription

So, those are the major social updates from the month of January. You can know more about these updates and other important updates from January by heading to our January Social Media Updates Edition.

February Social Media Updates Round-up

8. WhatsApp’s Upgraded Voice Note Feature
WhatsApp has delivered what it had announced. Earlier this year, this global messaging platform hinted at introducing a global media player, allowing you to listen to audio notes outside the chat.

And now you can listen, pause, play, stop, and close the audio note, all while being outside the chat window.

9. Twitter To Go Beyond 280 Characters
A few months back, Twitter’s (new) CEO Elon Musk confirmed the increase in tweet’s word count. The announcement was first made in February.

The current word count of the short-form messaging platform is 280. This was initially 120 and is rumored to now go to 4000.

10. Twitter’s Expands Its Downvoting Feature
Twitter expanded its downvoting feature to Tweet Replies. The step is to allow the platform to identify irrelevant comments in a conversation threat. It will hold no notification to the user whose tweet gets downvoted.

11. Instagram – New 3D Avatars for DMs & Stories
This year Meta-owned Instagram introduced 3D Avatars for the app. These were previously available only for story reactions.

Instagram 3d Avatars

Since its announcement, the Avatars have been made available for Stories, DMs, and Reels.  

12. Twitter’s New Pin DM Chat Option
With this feature, users can now pin up to six DM chats at the top of their inbox. This will enable active users to prioritize their most important chats and stay connected with close friends. From a support team’s perspective, they can pin active customer query chats and respond to them with ease.

13. Twitter’s New Payment Option to Help Creators
Twitter expanded its already existing Creator Tipping feature. Initially, the feature allowed users to fund content creators of their choice. The feature has new additions such as Paga, Barter by Flutterwave, and Paytm. These are to facilitate an easier acceptance of money for the creators. 

14. Snapchat Allows Top Creators to Insert Ads In-Between Stories
With this update, top Snapchat users can now insert ads in the middle of their stories. It’s a new monetization policy.

Recently, Snapchat also rolled out new tools to benefit creator monetization.

15. WhatsApp Introduced Testing of Cover Photos for Business Users
WhatsApp recently introduced two new features to make it more user-friendly. One of these features enables business accounts to add a cover photo just like the Facebook cover photo.

The leading mobile messaging app first announced they were working on this feature in February 2022.

That’s everything from February. You can know more about these updates and a few others from our February Social Media Updates Edition.

March Social Media Updates Round-Up

16. Twitter’s Comes With Tweet Awards, a New Monetization Option
In continuation of February attempts, Twitter announced its doppelganger of Facebook’s Virtual Gifts and YouTube’s Super Sticker – Twitter Awards. The feature is a part of the platform’s many Creator Monetization attempts.

17. Instagram’s New Moderator Option for IG Live Streams
Following months of work and testing, Instagram released a moderator option for IG Live Streams. It provides creators with more control over their live stream. 

A moderator, usually a third person in the Live chat, can report, remove or even turn off comments for specific viewers.

18. WhatsApp Introduces Polls 
Earlier this year, the mobile messaging platform rolled out the idea of WhatsApp Polls. The feature is now live and trending. Adding more features to the popular social media platform will make it wholesome and more sophisticated.

19. Twitter’s New Creator Dashboard
To support its Twitter Monetization options, the platform came up with the Creator Dashboard. With this, users can track their estimated revenue and share payments.

Twitter Creator Monetization Dashboard

The feature is still in its testing phase among US Subscriptions Creators.

20. Instagram’s New Creator Lab
Instagram launched a new feature, the Creator Lab to help marketers to maximize their performance.

The feature provides creators with useful information, strategy, optimization, and the platform’s algorithm.

21. YouTube to Allow TV Shows Viewing for Free
To compete with platforms such as Roku and Tubi, YouTube now offers (ad-supported) free TV shows to binge-watch. The shows are nowhere as prestigious as on HBO or Netflix. But this has enabled YouTube to move into the “over-the-air” television space.

22. LinkedIn Announced Newsletter Option for Company Pages
After launching Articles last year, LinkedIn launched Newsletters for Company Pages. The feature encourages greater engagement and allows companies to build new connections within the platform.

23. Twitter Enabled Keyword Search for DMs
From March onwards, Twitter has enabled its users to run a keyword search within their DMs.

The feature has proven beneficial as now users can easily look for particular products, mentions, and links.

24. Instagram’s Algorithm-Free Feed to Users
The month of March was special for Instagram users as the platform launched an Algorithm-free Feed. Since then, ‘Gram’s feed display has been in chronological order. As a result, users are no longer bothered by algorithm interference.

25. Instagram Enabled Users to Tag Products in Their Feed Posts
The year 2022 saw Instagram focus on expanding its eCommerce. 

One of the features in this direction was Instagram enabling its users, and not just creators to tag products in their feed posts.

With that, we’re closing up on our March updates. Head to our March Social Updates Edition to know more about them.

April Social Media Updates Round-Up

26. Google Adds New Search Option to Enhance Product Discovery
Google has always been trying to improve its search engine and help users find the best results. In a recent update, Google has introduced a new “multi-search” option which is powered by Google’s AI and machine learning tools.

Google's New Multisearch Product Discovery Option

With this new search option, users can get accurate search results as it’s a combination of both visuals and text. Users can add more specific attributes (as seen in the third image) to get more specific results.

This feature was earlier available to beta users in the US within the Google App for searches in the English language.

27. Twitter Tests New “Unmention” Option
Anyone can tag anyone on Twitter. That’s how it has been so far. It still is. But now, users can unmention themselves from tags they don’t want to. Once when untagged, users will not receive notifications from the thread nor he/she can be tagged again.

All a user has to do is, open the tagged tweet, top on the three dots and click the “Leave this conversation” option.

28. Social App BeReal has 315% Increase in Downloads
It’s common for new social platforms to rise every now and then. One such app that came into existence was BeReal which witnessed a 315% increase in downloads shortly after it was launched.

BeReal Social Media Application

As for what BeReal app is, here’s a statement from BeReal itself,

“BeReal is the simplest photo-sharing app to share once a day your real-life photo with friends. Every day at a different time, everyone captures a photo within 2 minutes. Capture and post in time to discover what your friends are up to.”

The platform is still in existence and can be downloaded from App Store and Playstore.

29. Nextdoor Launches Updates Ads Platform
Nextdoor is a social media platform that helps SMBs connect with local communities and has more than 69 million users.

The platform launched a self-serve advertising platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses create and manage ads in order to effectively connect with local audiences.

30. Elon Musk & Twitter – So Far
Since January 2022, Elon Musk has been actively pursuing Twitter. We all know how it looks today but here’s a quick recap of the events from January to April.

Musk started purchasing shares of Twitter and by March 14th, Musk purchased over 5% of Twitter’s stake. By March, Musk started to take a dig at Twitter with a series of tweets. By April, Musk was invited to join Twitter’s board of directors, which he rejected, and filed an amended disclosure with SEC which allowed him to purchase as many as shares he wishes.

31. WhatsApp Introduced New Communities Feature
The global messenger that has over 2 billion users announced an exciting new feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp communities allow related groups to be brought under a single space umbrella and the space is called a community.

Users can join groups they want to, share file options with a size cap of 2 GB and react to messages with emojis.

32. Instagram’s New Use as Template for Reels Feature
With this new feature, Instagram users can make a template out of their existing reel to create another reel in a similar format. 

This allows users to create more reels without much hassle and directly contribute to the increase in engagement of the platform.

33. Twitter and New CC Button
You should be familiar with YouTube’s Captions button. Similarly, Twitter also has come up with a CC button for videos posted on the platform. 

The goal here is to improve the user experience on the platform and Twitter has started to take care of even the minor details.

34. YouTube allows Remixing Public Videos to Shorts
YouTube Shorts has been familiar for some time now. And YouTube is taking it to the next level. 

Going forward, creators can choose public videos and remix them into YouTube shorts. This option will grow the number of Shorts on the platform and will compete with TikTok and Instagram Reels.

35. Musk Acquires Twitter in a $44 Billion Deal
On the 13th of April, Elon Musk announced that he will be acquiring over a $44 billion deal.

Elon Musk Tweet

What started as a Tweet 5 years ago, has finally become reality. Though the deal took some time to be finalized, it was during April that the process really took off.

Check out our April Social Media Updates Edition for more information.

May Social Media Updates Edition Round-Up

36. WhatsApp Doubles the Size for Group Chat
The WhatsApp Messenger app has increased its group member limit from 256 to 512 people. This initiative is to enable marketers to provide exclusive offers and sneak peeks to their loyal customers. 

The size of files to be shared within the app has also been increased from 100 MB to 2GB. 

37. Musk Plans to Increase Twitter Users by 200%
Initially Elon Musk based his plans on taking over Twitter to increase the platform’s active users. Musk had revealed his plans to increase Twitter’s user base by (almost) 200%. This was alongside various other promises, such as increasing its revenue by 5 times by 2028 (that’s $5 billion to $26.5 billion). 

One could look at these as the initial effort to grow Twitter. But what Musk has in mind for the years to come, one will have to wait and watch.

38. Meta to Introduce Multiple Features
With the number of social platforms on the rise, Meta definitely has to keep up with the race. Make no mistake Meta is the largest platform around that has both Instagram and WhatsApp but to engage users continuously, there definitely has to be feature updates.

Some of the features that Meta is working on/planning to roll out are, 

  • WhatsApp improving its ad creation flow
  • Enabling businesses to send promotional message campaigns via Messenger
  • Enabling businesses to elicit quotes from prospective customers via questionnaire

These are some of the features that Meta is focusing on developing in the nearby future.

39. Instagram Testing New Variations of Main Feed Display
Instagram, without a doubt, is planning to make Reels its central feature, considering that it already contributes over 20% of users’ time spent on Instagram.

Going forward, it is predicted that Instagram’s all IG content will be flowing through a single full screen – a scrollable feed where one can see posts, Reels and stories, all together.

40. Facebook’s New Notification Bubbles
With TikTok growing, Facebook has been coming up with ways to keep users engaged within the app.

The latest update is Facebook coming up with Stories-like notification bubbles within the notification tab.

Facebook Notification Bubbles

The alert will remind users to catch up with users’ stories and increase engagement.

41. TikTok X WooCommerce
TikTok is definitely taking its game next level! In a recent update, TikTok has integrated with WooCommerce allowing eCommerce businesses to connect their product catalog, activate TikTok pixel, create ads and launch them all from the WooCommerce dashboard.

The goal is to improve In-app shopping and make this a good revenue source of income for TikTok. Though it’s a long way from this happening, everything begins with a start. It should be remembered that TikTok also integrated with Shopify back in the year 2020.

42. Instagram’s New Video Reaction Option for Reels
A reaction video for a reel. How does that sound? And the ultimate goal here is to increase engagement for every reel put up on the platform.

Though it’s not yet officially released, it is believed that this particular feature will strip up a lot of engagement within the platform. After all, who doesn’t want to engage in reels with a video version of their own?

43. TikTok Introducing Live Subscriptions
Allowing users to have more access to creators and in the process, enabling creators to make more money.

The minimum criteria for creators to use this feature is, he/she should be aged above 18 years and have at least a minimum of 1000 followers.

Following are the features of TikTok’s Live Subscription,

  • Subscriber Badges
  • Custom Emotes
  • Subscriber-Only Chat

44. Twitter and Its New Engagement Strategies
Like other platforms, Twitter is also coming up with a set of new engagement strategies. 

1. Pin Reply – Users can pin selected comments so that they can appear at the top. The most common use case is social media marketers pinning testimonial responses by a brand.

2. Twitter Live Space – This is Twitter’s alternative to Clubhouse. Twitter’s audio chat rooms can be used by businesses to share thought leadership conversations, share commentary on live events, conduct giveaways and do more.

45. Reddit’s New Host Program
The program was launched by Reddit in April. It allows users to host audio group chats within their respective communities.

The criteria for qualifications is the host has to conduct a total of 12 talks within an interval of 30 days between the timeline June 14th and September 12th, 2022.

Know more about these updates by heading to our Social Media Updates May Edition.

June Social Media Updates Round-Up

46. LinkedIn Introduces New Features to Strengthen Marketing

In a series of updates, LinkedIn has introduced a couple of new features that will strengthen marketing.

Employees can now list down products they have contributed to while working in a specific organization. This can help improve product visibility.

LinkedIn allows mentions of members and hashtags in newsletters and articles.
Admins can now react to respond to any post within the app by switching between the profiles – Page and Admin.

47. WhatsApp More Flexible & Secure Now

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced that users will be able to switch between phones and transfer all their data securely all while maintaining end-to-end encryption. 

Users will now also be able to switch from Android to iPhone with the same protection. This came as a relief for users who look forward to switching between phones, especially from Android to iPhone.

48. Instagram’s New Pin Option on Profile

Social media is all about showing to people the best version of yourself and for entrepreneurs, it’s about conveying the most important products/services they offer. 

Instagram has made this easy by allowing users to pin up to three posts at the top of their profile grid. This can be both photos and reels. This feature is already in effect and you can check out this on any Instagram account or even try it on yours.

49. TikTok Takes Measures to Fight Against Online Interaction Negative Impacts 

While all social media platforms try to improve their platform usage (even TikTok does) it’s a good thing to see initiatives like this.

TikTok Digital Wellbeing Post

TikTok will be reminding users aged between 13 and 17 to take a screen break if they have used the app for more than 100 minutes in one day.

It’s a great initiative that’ll help users stay conscious about their screen time, especially the younger generation.

50. Instagram Planning to Launch AR Stickers

How cool would it be to have 3D stickers and text on your stories? This is exactly what Instagram is working on!

Instagram AR Stickers

Instagram is planning to launch AR stickers and the above image shows the range of stickers the platform is working on. These stickers can be placed on your stories and make them look better.

We believe Instagram is still working on this feature.

51. WhatsApp Users Can Now View Status Updates from Chat List

Earlier, WhatsApp users have to swipe to the status section if they want to view the status of a particular contact. But that’s not the case anymore.

Instagram AR Stickers

Instagram is planning to launch AR stickers and the above image shows the range of stickers the platform is working on. These stickers can be placed on your stories and make them look better.

We believe Instagram is still working on this feature.

51. WhatsApp Users Can Now View Status Updates from Chat List

Earlier, WhatsApp users have to swipe to the status section if they want to view the status of a particular contact. But that’s not the case anymore.

WhatsApp Status Update New Feature

You can now simply click the profile of a contact from your chat list and WhatsApp will immediately show their status. This works only if the contact has uploaded a status in the first place and the same will be notified with a green color circle around the contact.

52. Google to Shut Down Hangouts by November 2022

The long-existing Hangouts app is about to be shut down by Google during November. Existing users will be asked to move to Google Chat. 

Google has made sure that all data from Hangouts will be available on Google Chat. Users will be available to download their Hangouts data if they want to. 

As planned, Google did shut down Hangouts in early November.

53. Reddit Comes With Ways to Boost Reddit Talk

Reddit has taken various measures to improve the discovery of its new feature Reddit Talks.

  • Live bar seen on the user’s home feed will surface potentially interested talks of users
  • Reddit is also planning to include new users to be a part of this new feature
  • The platform is adding a Soundboard feature within the Reddit Talk Chats

Talks are host by moderators and they are the ones to designate the host.

For more information on all these updates, visit our June Social Media Updates Edition.

July Social Media Updates Round-Up

54. TikTok’s New Features – Translation and Caption Tools

In an attempt to increase engagement within the platform and increase the reach of the clips, TikTok is adding translation and captioning tools.

TikTok’s Auto-Captions made it super easy for creators to provide captions for their clips, allowing them to reach a wider audience. And the next feature is Translation for Captions and Descriptions. The feature will enable users to translate caption text within their clips.

55. Reddit X GIPHY

No matter where GIFs have this special capability to make the conversation super interesting. Reddit integrated with GIPHY, allowing users to insert GIFs into comments along with the text.

Also, the moderators of specific communities get the option to choose whether GIFs will be a good addition to their community or not and take a call as it is an opt-in feature.

56. TikTok Accounces Free Marketing Education Program for SMBs

TikTok continuously grows to be a happening place for SMBs and as a result of this, TikTok came up with a six-week email-based series dedicated to SMBs.

The free education course program will tell businesses how to,

  • Set up a free business account
  • Use TikTok’s creative centre for content inspiration
  • Use the Ads Manager along with other promotion features

This will help businesses understand more about TikTok marketing and boost promotion and increase brand awareness.

57. Snapchat AR-NFT Integration

There has been mixed views about NFTs. But that isn’t going to stop Snapchat from joining the trend.

Snapchat has planned to allow users to go ahead and convert their NFTs into AR lenses. Also, a feature where users can insert their NFTs into their snaps is also being explored. Snapchat, on its platform already has AR-enabled items and with its integration of Bitmoji, this entire thing could easily go to the next stage.

58. Musk to Terminate Twitter Deal?

We all know that didn’t happen. But it was during the month of July, talks about Musk terminating the Twitter deal surfaced.

This was based on Elon Musk’s statement that said Twitter has been making false and misleading representations and also that the metrics provided by Twitter were unconvincing.

But, it turned out all good later!

59. LinkedIn and Its Creator Accelerator Program

After achieving record engagement on the platform, LinkedIn announced to expand its Creator Accelerator Program, aiming to help selected creators maximize their LinkedIn skills.

The program was 6 weeks long and gave participants access to tools & products. This will enable them to initiate conversations and engage communities. Also, a sum of $12,000 will be given to individuals who participated in the program.

You can know more about LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program here.

60. YouTube Expanding Product Tagging Process

With this feature, YouTube creators will be able to tag products they feature in the videos. This process is very similar to that of Instagram but the only difference is that YouTube will be paying a monthly rate to creators when they use the tool

Down the lane, YouTube will be moving to a direct affiliate program which will enable creators to earn a direct commission from every sale generated.

To know more about the updates we mentioned, head to our July Social Updates Edition.

August Social Media Updates Round-Up

61. Twitter Comes With a New Format for Tweeted Links

This new update by Twitter shows tweeted links in a much better format, paving the way for more clicks.

Here’s what Twitter said about this,

“Right now, people on iOS and the web may see and interact with Tweet Tiles that include text, images, videos, or other elements like a button from people in the initial test group. These formats are designed to easily engage with content and make your timeline more dynamic and visual.”

Amidst the fact-moving feed, this initiative will drive better visibility, clicks and performance.

62. Viral Post Generator for LinkedIn

Developed by Tom Orbach, the Viral Post Generator gives users a written post copy to post on LinkedIn.

VIral Post Generator App

All you have to do is give the app some insights about what you want the post to be about and you’ll get what you want. You can simply copy the text and paste it on LinkedIn.

Check out the Viral Post Generator here

63. New Digital Background for Google Meets

Well, the topic pretty much reveals everything. You don’t have to worry about keeping your camera open anymore. 

The new update will enhance the virtual green screen and will remove glitches. 

Here’s what Google stated,

“With the latest update to Google Meet, we are now harnessing the power of GPUs to significantly improve the fidelity and performance of these background effects. These advances are powered by two major components: 1) a novel real-time video segmentation model and 2) a new, highly efficient approach for in-browser ML acceleration using WebGL. We leverage this capability to develop fast ML inference via fragment shaders. This combination results in substantial gains in accuracy and latency, leading to crisper foreground boundaries.”

You can read more about this here.

64. Instagram’s Updated Teen Safety Tools

Reports claim that frequent use of Instagram is directly linked with depressive symptoms, self-esteem, general and physical appearance anxiety and more.

In an attempt to tackle this, Instagram ensured that it will be expanding its sensitive content defaults to young users under the age of 16. By default, they will be put into the most restrictive exposure category. The feature immediately came into effect on the 25th of August, 2022.

65. LinkedIn Improving Search Engine Algorithm

The platform revealed that after 2020, there was a 35% year-over-year increase in user engagement. The rise in engagement levels has made LinkedIn improve its search engine algorithm.

So far, LinkedIn showed you content posted by individuals working in certain sectors and topics. But going forward, one will be able to see a posts with a wider scope and show them possible matches.

66. Snapchat’s New Lens to Promote House of Dragon

House of the Dragons stirred up social media. No doubt there. In sync with that, Snapchat released a new set of stickers to promote the series.

Snapchat Filter House of Dragons

These lenses will be available only at specific locations like Los Angeles, Prague, London and a couple of other locations.

67. TikTok’s New Nearby Content Feed

TikTok’s recent “For You” algorithm update shows content that you are interested in. But TikTok’s newly tested Nearby content feed is next level as it shows you personalized content in your local area.

As stated by TechCrunch,

“For example, if your For You page often displays restaurant recommendations or must-see hiking spots, the Nearby feed should show you videos of restaurants and hiking trails that are near you.”

To know more, check out our August Social Media Updates.

September Social Media Updates Round-Up

68. TikTok Introduces Downvoting Comments

Negative comments have been around for a long time but there’s been no proper way to address them. TikTok’s new downvoting comments will allow users to flag irrelevant and inappropriate comments.

69. WhatsApp Improves Group Video & Audio Call Experience

Earlier, WhatsApp released a feature called community which aimed to bring together all relevant groups under one umbrella, This feature is aimed to improve the calling experiences on WhatsApp.

Going forward, users will be able to share dedicated links which will allow others to join the call. The call link option will be visible under the “Calls” tab of WhatsApp.

70. Meta Launches Profile Switching Interface

Though not game-changing, small attention and details can make a big difference. This profile switching interface by Meta is one such feature.

Users can now switch between their Facebook and Instagram profiles on the go from the same interface without having to switch apps. This works beneficial for Meta as users are constantly on either one of their apps.

71. Instagram’s Videos Under 60 Seconds

Videos being split into 15 seconds for Stories was really frustrating. We bet it was for you too as well!

But it no longer has to be that way. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that videos under 60 seconds will not be split when it is posted for stories.

“We are always working on ways to improve the Stories experience. Now, you’ll be able to play and create Stories continuously for up to 60 seconds, instead of being automatically cut into 15-second clips.”

That’s definitely a good update!

72. Facebook Live Shopping Feature Ends

In an effort to focus on Reels on Facebook and Instagram, the company decided to shut down its live shopping feature from the 1st of October.

As a result of this, platform users no longer can schedule live shopping events nor can create a product playlist or tag products.

73. YouTube’s New Monetization Program

From early 2023, creators who focus on shorts will be able to apply to YouTube’s Partner Program when they meet a threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over 90 days. 

Creators who become partners this way are fully eligible for benefits like Fan Funding and ad long-form revenue.

74. Instagram’s Media Kit and How It Helps Creators

Instagram is currently in the process of developing a dedicated Media Kit for creators which will allow them to write a bio, and showcase their top posts and previous collaborations. With it will be added key analytics and audience stats.

Put in simple terms, Instagram is making it easy for creators to promote themselves on the channel.

75. Instagram to Relaunch a Re-post Feature

How cool is this going to be?

This feature is similar to Twitter’s Retweet feature. IG users will be able to re-post others’ content with their respective followers. Though this feature isn’t rolled out yet, Instagram has confirmed that it is being tested with selected users.

76. Meta Launches Community Chats for Messenger & Groups

Meta has taken Messenger to the next level by allowing users to create new real-time chat, voice and video channels directly from within the app.

Meta Community Chats

This will help Meta with its battle of losing customers. Again it all comes down to whether users want to use this new feature or not.

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October Social Media Updates Round-Up

77. TikTok Pulse – A New Launch

TikTok’s new launch TikTok Pulse is definitely going to be a challenge for YouTube. The main goal of this program is to launch ad revenue with top creators on the platform. 

The best part of the program is that creators will be able to earn up to 50% of the revenue from TikTok’s Pulse ads. 

Though not fully rolled out yet, certain creators are receiving eligibility notifications. The criteria are to have at least 100k followers, should have posted at least 5 videos in the last 30 days and aged at least 18.

78. Twitter’s Professional Profiles New Communities Module

Twitter, lately, has come up with a new communities model for professional profiles which can be shown on their main display.

Anyone who owns a professional profile will now be able to display their Twitter communities and the same will be visible right before their timeline starts.

The remaining four Spotlight elements are,

  • Location Spotlight
  • Shopmodule
  • Mobile App Spotlight
  • Link Spotlight

79. Instagram Incentivizes Reel Creators with New Achievement Badges

Instagram is non-stop on making it the best platform for creators and head-to-head in competition with TikTok. 

The latest feature which is Instagram’s new badge will motivate creators to be more active on the platform. Badges like “Trendsetter” and “Creative Streak” will be given to creators. This feature, in the future, may be tied to Instagram’s Reel Play Bonus Program and will help IG identify top creators within the platform.

80. Pinterest Advances Video Content by the Louvre Partnership

Pinterest goes ahead and announces a partnership with The Louvre allowing their platform users view and experience the art gallery using video elements within the app.

Here’s what Pinterest had to say about it,

“Through a series of original videos, ”A look at the Louvre,” shares the museum’s masterpieces and architecture at the crossroads of centuries. The content features off-the-beaten-path tours to discover both its collections and the museum’s courtyards and staircases, as well as unusual places. The videos invite viewers to admire details within the museum, such as beautifully crafted ceilings and views from the windows.”

You can check out Pinterest x Louvre video here.

81. TikTok Allows Embedding 5+ Videos on Linktree

In a series of recent updates that TikTok has been making over the past few months, this particular update focuses on making the user experience better.

Creators will now be able to post up to six videos on an external, thanks to the recent partnership with Linktree. The best part is, visitors do not have to navigate away from Linktree to view the videos. They get to play it on the same platform!

82. YouTube Comes with a Range of UI Updates

YouTube, in a recent update, has come up with a number of features targeting the UI part.

They are 

  • New pinch-to-zoom feature on videos
  • Skip to an exact point in video
  • The new Ambient mode which will provide a more visually pleasing viewing experience

All these features will improve the user experience on the platform.

83. Instagram Announces Creator Portfolio Showcase Option

Instagram is clearly focusing on helping its creators use the platform to a maximum extent.

Instagram is coming with a “Creator Portfolio” option that will allow creators to create their own portfolio and pitch to brands, allowing them to secure more partnership deals. The feature is so sophisticated that creators will be directly able to share their profile with about to be partners.

84. Elon Takes Over Twitter and Fires CEO

And it has finally happened! Elon Musk has finally taken over the platform after months of events.

Musk went ahead and tweeted that “the bird is freed” and the first thing he did was fire the CEO.

These were his words on acquiring Twitter.

“The reason I acquired Twitter is because it is important for the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner, without resorting to violence…. There is currently great danger that social media will splinter into far right wing and far left wing echo chambers that generate more hate and divide our society”.

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85. Twitter 2.0

It’s been not even a month since Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk but 65% of its workforce has already been fired. Twitter has released reports that say that the metrics like user active minutes and new user signups are at an all-time high.

While Musk is viewing all of the existing features on the platform, one thing is definitely sure. Elon Musk is going to make a lot of changes on Twitter.

86. Pinterest’s Creator Reward Program Comes to an End

Pinterest has put an end to its Creator Reward Program during the last week of November. Unfortunately, the creator program didn’t bring desired results and Pinterest had to take this decision. 

Here’s what a Pinterest spokesperson said,

“After the program’s conclusion on Wednesday, [Pinterest] will pay a one-time bonus to creators in the program who participated in at least one reward goal in August, September or October, a Pinterest spokesperson said. The company declined to share how much it was giving away in bonuses or how many people were part of the creator rewards program.”

87. LinkedIn Native Scheduling Tool

This is one of the best updates during November. LinkedIn has come up with a native scheduling tool that allows individuals to schedule posts at their convenient time.

LinkedIn also allows you to take a look at the posts you have scheduled. This will make publishing easy for day-to-day platform users.

88. WhatsApp Enables Self-Messaging

Earlier, one had to create a group with a member, remove them from the group and use it as a personal space to add notes and media. 

But, WhatsApp’s new self-messaging feature adds you as a contact in your chat recipient list allowing you to message yourself. So, you no longer need to create a group and remove a member or chat on a blocked window!

89. Instagram’s Musical Feed

If you’ve reached this far, you definitely know the number of improvements Instagram has made over the year. And this one’s yet another feature that’s not game-changing but something everyone’s going to love. 

Users will now be able to add music to their and convert them into videos.

“Music is a huge part of expression on Instagram, and we’re excited to provide the ability to add music to Feed photo posts like you can with Reels and Stories.”

We already see a number of Instagrammers making use of this feature and it’s definitely going to increase in the future.

90. Snapchat Celebrates 2022 World Cup

FIFA world cup 2022 took the world by storm and Snapchat played its part to make things much better.

The social platform announced a range of AR filters, themed clothing for Bitmojies, a couple of new stickers and a wide range of highlights and Filters within the Discover Program.

SnapChat Face Paint Feature

Snapchat clearly goes with the trend to increase engagement on the platform.

91. Facebook’s New Feature – Every Member Moderator 

In short, chaos.

Facebook announces a new feature where it allows members of a group to be moderators. The problem here is that every individual has different views and opinions which will lead to a lot of pitching in. Tough time for the admin!

But, the admin gets to remove anyone as a moderator at the end of the day. That’s a relief!

92. TikTok – a Threat to National Security?

This isn’t new. TikTok has been facing this for a very long time in the USA. But what’s new is, FBI official joining the party.

In a recent series of events, FBI Director Chris Wray claimed that TikTok does pose a national security threat.

Though TikTok has continuously reassured that users data is not being accessed, the platform’s users’ agreement states that Chinese staff will be able to access user data for specific functions.

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93. Instagram and Its Series of Updates

Instagram, lately has been working on a feature to pin Reels on the Reels and also the ability to hide the like numbers on Reels with a certain number of users. Also, Instagram is planning to launch post scheduling option for photos, Reels, carousel posts for creator accounts and businesses.

94. YouTube’s Latest Development with Shorts

YouTube’s Shorts was a massive hit and like TikTok clips, people have started to view YouTube Shorts to a massive extent.

Lately, YouTube optimized its Shorts viewing experience to Television screens. This will increase engagement with Shorts to a greater extent.

95. Pinterest’s Shuffles Feature

Pinterest, the image search engine has launched a new feature called the Shuffles. The feature allows users to make collages to their wish. For now, the app is released in specific English-speaking regions and is expected to roll out to wider regions.

96. TikTok Launches TikTok Shop

TikTok has come up with a lot of new features this year. And this one is the latest feature. The new feature launched by TikTok, allows users to make purchases from within the app. This is the latest of a series of events that is being by taken TikTok to make its in-stream shopping bigger.

97. Twitter’s New Colored Ticks – Blue, Gold and Grey

Twitter’s verification ticks have stirred up enough conversations earlier.

Elon Musk has recently come up with a series of colored ticks to differentiate between verified Twitter accounts. The colored ticks are blue, gold and grey. The gold ticks are for companies, the grey ticks are for governments and the blue ticks are for individuals.

98. LinkedIn’s New Focused Inbox

LinkedIn has launched a new Focused Inbox format specifically dedicated to InMail. The feature acts as a spam filter that filters out junk messages and highlights the most important outreach messages within the app. 

No more details are available on this new feature but we believe more information will be revealed soon.

99. Instagram’s Group Profile Feature

This latest feature of Instagram offers users to connect with their friends and family in a new way. 

One can create their own Instagram Group Profile. Any content posted on this group will be visible only to the shared individuals and not the followers.

100. Instagram Creators to Get More Transparency

Wondering whether you are shadow banned on Instagram? Worry no more because Instagram is looking forward to providing you with more transparency. 

Creators, from their Account Status Dashboard, will now be able to see whether Instagram is recommending their content to creators or not. And if there’s any persisting issue, you can find instructions on how to resolve the same as well.

Final Few Words

So, that’s 2022 for you! We’ve covered the most important 100 social media updates for you in this article. 

There were sure a lot of updates across all the platforms and the focus was to increase engagement, customer retention and push the boundaries to become the best social media platform around.

With 2022 coming to an end, let’s see what the major social platforms are about to do in 2023! Follow our social media blogs we release every month to stay updated with the latest social media happenings.