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 7 Ways How AI Chatbots Improve CSAT Score

7 Ways How AI Chatbots Improve CSAT Score

Virtual assistants are a much-known craze in the modern industry. 

Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google’s Assistant are some of the finest examples of AI chatbots. These are not only known for their brilliant performance but also for changing the landscape of customer experience. 

The bot brings an excellent level of precision, making it a great asset for your customer support team. 

In this blog, we are going to talk about the famous AI chatbot-agent partnership. More importantly how it impacts their performance.

With an AI chatbot deployed on your channels, you can see an improved CX and CSAT score. 

But before we dive into the nuances of how AI chatbots improve your CSAT score, let’s what this term actually stands for.

What is CSAT?

CSAT is an abbreviation used for customer satisfaction score or customer satisfaction metric. 

It helps businesses measure the performance of their customer service. This is done to determine the extent of satisfaction felt by your customers. Simply put, it helps identify if your customers are happy with your service or not.

Needless to say, CSAT is one of the easiest survey methodologies. Companies can measure this by simply asking their customers basic questions. This includes questions such as “how they liked your service, product, or customer support”. Customers are then supposed to answer these questions on a scale representing their satisfaction level.  

Indeed, you will be required to run multiple customer satisfaction surveys to get an accurate measurement. 

You can think of CSAT surveys as a way of collecting customer feedback. These can be sent via emails or included in pop-up chats once the customer interaction is closed.

As a business, the CSAT score holds great value. It signals where your business stands with respect to its performance. Moreover, it helps you identify customer pain points and paves the way for improvement.

How to Calculate the CSAT Score?

As we said, the CSAT score is a measurement. But is collecting customer feedback alone enough? 

Of course, not!

Here are two ways you can use your customers’ feedback to calculate your CSAT score

1. Composite CSAT Score

In this method, you calculate an average of what your customers have rated. 

For example, take 5 customers who have rated your product as 5, 6, 8, 9, 2, and 7 on a scale of 10. 

Then, you add them all up, divide the sum by 5 (i.e. the total number of responses) and you can get your CSAT score as 7. 

Here, 7 is the Composite Customer Satisfaction Score.

Formula to Calculate CSAT Score

2. Top-2-Box Method

In this method, we calculate the percentage of satisfied customers companies have.

Here is the formula you can use for that.

Point to be noted, this method is only accurate when the number of customers used includes users who have rated your service above 4.

Top 2 Box Formula

Why is CSAT Score Important?

Did you know that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can result in a 25% to 95% increase in company profit?

Customer satisfaction is an important asset if you want your customers to be happy. CSAT scores measure your customers’ happiness with the product and service. 

There’s no doubt that happy customers indeed decide the longevity of your business. 

And, what can make your customers happier than satisfactory service? Customers with higher satisfaction rates are prone to invest more in your products/services. This in turn increases your chance of retaining them. 

Here is a blog that discusses different types of customers and how to turn them all into loyal ones.

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Now that you know that customer satisfaction means happy customers let’s see how can you improve this score. 

The best way to increase your customer satisfaction is to invest in conversational AI. This means having AI Chatbots and Live Chat

But, before we dive into understanding how chatbots help us do so, let’s start with understanding chatbots.

What is an AI Chatbot?

A chatbot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to interact with visitors. It can address customer queries and simultaneously sifts through large amounts of data. These are ideal to handle repetitive tasks as they are quick in their response. Moreover, they are easy to implement.  

We already have an intensive guide on what conversational AI chatbots are. 

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Without any delay, let’s now jump into how these conversational chatbots enable you to increase your CSAT scores.

Impact of AI Chatbots on CSAT Score

Here, we’ve mentioned the seven ways how AI chatbots impact the CSAT score. 

1. Collects Customer Feedback

As we mentioned earlier, the CSAT score is a measurement of your customer’s satisfaction level. 

It requires you to collect customer feedback via surveys and, nothing does it better than chatbots. 

AI chatbots can ask customers for their feedback after the query-based interaction has been closed. The chatbot can invite your customers to share their experiences. It is the fastest way to collect customer feedback. It not only helps you assess the problem quickly but also helps you identify problem areas quickly. 

Not to forget, wrapping up live chat support with customer feedback makes your customer feels heard and respected. It increases their faith in you and rebuilds the hampered loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction

2. Improves Lead Generation

We all know AI chatbots can initiate customized conversations. This feature enables them to collect feedback to run market research. This regular interaction between bot and customer can help your business collect new data and insights into customers’ reviews. 

In other words, AI chatbots can help you personalize your customer service. Once your brand is known for providing tailored customer support, existing customers are bound to become evangelists. This in turn increases the list of probable customer list. 

And in no time, you can see your CSAT score reach heights!

3. Automated Customer Service

AI chatbots are known for their automated customer support. This is one of the major reasons that businesses are enthusiastically investing in these virtual agents. 

Chatbots equipped with artificial intelligence can use the automated response to answer common questions. This means facilitating your customers with 24/7 customer support. This has multiple benefits, starting with reduced customer churn and improved customer loyalty. 

Your customers appreciate getting information as fast as possible. Customers today, want quick support and they want it according to their convenience. 

AI chatbots thus, help you help many customers – all at the same time. Whether your customers are scattered across the world or centered in one place, talking bots can handle them all at once.

4. Provides a Human Touch

If we sum up the above two given points we can conclude that customers today want the right balance between automation and personalization. At times, even when your customers know that they are talking to bots, they want their sentiments and emotions to be understood. 

Thanks to NLP, ML, and sentiment analysis, AI chatbots are well-equipped to understand customers’ sentiments. Moreover, the three technologies combined help your bots perform to their best potential. 

AI chatbots provide your customer support service with an effortless conversational flow. And. we all know how important an asset it is for modern marketing. 

We recommend you invest in AI chatbots that can be customized as per your requirements. Adding human-like elements to your chatbots humanizes your brand. This is the cutting-edge difference that you need to beat your rivals. 

Have a look at this list of best AI chatbot platforms to invest in

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5. Gives Personalized Experience

Chatbots can make accurate and tailored recommendations to customers. 

Not knowing what your customers want puts you at disadvantage. Every customer has a different requirement. Even when these requests collide at times, every request is unique to each customer. Therefore, it’s important to let your customers feel that their unique identity is being respected. 

This helps you better your relationship with them. And, as we mentioned above AI chatbots work best when customized. 

Once customized you can train your chatbots to deliver according to your brand tone. This way your talking bots mix your brand tone and the collected data to suggest your customers the best products/services.

6. Increases Team Productivity

Last but not least, chatbots provide a seamless bot-to-agent- transition. 

By now you must have understood that AI chatbots can fully replace human support. Rather, they are important to enhance human support. 

AI chatbots, as they easily deal with repetitive queries, act as a filtering system. They only forward complex and important customer queries to your agents. This reduces customer churn and provides your support agents with ample time to work on these complicated queries.

7. Minimal Error

The biggest advantage of having AI chatbots is the level of accuracy and precision they bring. They are the most effective ways to provide your customers with error-free service. 

Chatbots are essentially programs. And, they do whatever they are programmed to do. Therefore, the chances of human error are decreased to nill. 

Benefits of Chatbot


By now you must have understood the importance of a happy customer!

A happy customer is loyal to your brand and keeps returning for more. And, there is no other way to make your customer happy than to satisfy their needs. AI chatbots as a tool understands your brand as well your brand. Hence, it is one of the most effective ways to improve your CSAT score. 

In this read, we have covered almost all the aspects that one should know of CSAT scores. From ways to calculate the CSAT score to ways to improve it. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your customer service, then choose the most effective AI chatbot platform today! 

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