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 Why does online brand reputation matter?

Why does online brand reputation matter?

It takes years together to build but just few moments to destroy it. This holds good even online brand reputation. You might take years together to build an alluring website, create prospects then leads then customers and maintain it. But one bad remark on the brand and it all just falls down like the castle of playing cards. People associate with brands and if the brands’ reputations go down, eventually, people will be less likely to associate with the brand and slowly the brand will just die out.

Can you imagine your brand die out, just because you could not do great online brand reputation?
Hell NO! Right?
First things first! What is online brand reputation?
Online reputation is a review or a mention or a comment or testimonial or feedback about your product/service on the worldwide web. You like it or not, you have an online presence and people get to see your business everyday and it is available to every single one.
Why is Online brand reputation important at all?
You are not the only one selling what you are selling. There are many companies out there who are out there doing what you are doing and if you do not show case yourself different them, why would people even come to you? It’s not just about the products, it is lot more than that. It is about the brand image you have in the market.
Why people care about online brand management?
Be it a B2B or a B2C firm, before your customers buy something from you, they are sure going to check your online reputation and if you fail to impress them you are no way going to get your cheques. And if you dare to have one bad customer shouting about you in the social media channels, you are going to have tough time to bring down such comments that go viral really fast. And you’ll have a tougher job getting another customer to buy your product.
·         92 percent of buyers check online reviews before making a purchase
·         80 percent of consumers do not products that get negative online reviews
·         87 percent consumers are influenced to buy products on seeing good online reviews
Why do you need online brand reputation management?
Once you identify that there is something negative posted about your brand or your product/service, you need to check out ways to bring it down before it’s too late and goes around on the social media channels. Remember, if something goes wrong on the social media web, do not just sit idle, address the issues the customers have expressed. If you showcase that you have addressed the issues customers have faced in a jiffy, you are likely to get more accolades.
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Having a check on how your brand is doing online regularly can avoid getting negative remarks. You can also try out on creating crisis management plans that could be executed immediately when an issue arises. Thinking far before the problem arises can help in saving you your brand name.
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