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Using Social Media for Customer Service

One of the best implementation of social media is in customer service. Simplify360 has been serving global Airlines and Telecom to solve their online customer complains. We have seen customer agents resolving more than thousands of complains every week through Simplify360. Recently, one of the largest bus ticketing service in India,, has chosen Simplify360 to do exactly the same.
In Social Media the key challenges for customer support teams are:

  1. Identifying complaints as quickly as possible over the web.
  2. Filtering these complaints and assigning them to the right agents.
  3. Keeping a check on all the out going responses and auditing them.

This challenges needs to be addressed by customer service and contact centre departments in an enterprise. The lack of communication between these two functions can hurt the overall business. But luckily we are seeing enterprises waking up to this dilemma and implementing solutions to resolve it.
The presentation below shows how an enterprise can implement Simplify360 for their customer support function.