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 6 Ways to Leverage Instagram Automation for Your Business Growth

6 Ways to Leverage Instagram Automation for Your Business Growth

It all started when Facebook opened its Messenger API for Instagram to everyone!

Since then, businesses have started to leverage Instagram Automation to a great extent. From increasing engagement on your profile to driving new conversions, businesses are now able to do it all on auto-pilot, thanks to advanced Instagram automation tools available today!

Fast forward, you are someone who is looking for ways to leverage Instagram automation for your business growth. Great! Because this read is exactly about that – how you can use the new Instagram DM feature to increase your business growth!

How to Leverage Instagram Automation?

Honestly speaking, we can talk about a lot of use cases. But we’re sticking to the most important and the ones that can bring you real growth here! 

In case you have no idea about the new Instagram DM Feature, here’s a quick brief for you. 

Facebook recently opened its Messenger API for Instagram to everyone. This allowed users to respond to Instagram DMs from a different platform. And without having to download the app itself. 

This paved the way for a lot of new Instagram Automation features, opening up a horde of growth opportunities both for businesses & creators. 

With the Instagram Automation feature, you can automate responses to DMs, generate leads, increase engagement & followers and do a lot more things! 

You can learn more about Facebook’s announcement of Instagram Messenger API in this article!

That said, let’s start looking at the ways you can leverage Instagram Automation for your business.

1. Get On the Right Foot With Prospects & Customers

If you’re running a business, getting on the right foot is kind of crucial. Because at this instance, the entire journey of your potential customer gets decided to a certain extent. 

So, it’s important that you make the first interaction right, appropriate and on time! 

Say a customer is quite impressed with your Instagram profile and is looking to start a conversation with your brand. 

Assume he/she says “Hi”. At that moment, you need someone on board to provide instant responses, followed by solutions. If that doesn’t happen, chances are you might lose the customer to a competitor’s business. 

But with Simplify360’s Instagram automation tool, you can come up with a couple of conversation starters and answers for the same so that the customer can learn more about your business or self-serve themselves. 

Here’s an image that explains this.

Automate First Responses on Instagram

There are a couple of FAQs already present when the customer is about to text. If the customer finds any of the existing FAQs to be useful, all they have to do is click on it and they get instant responses. 

Coming up with FAQs and automated first responses can help your customers save a lot of time and effort. This increases engagement and helps you get in the good books of your customers. And your support team also gets to focus on more complex queries.

2. Automate Customer Support

We talked about how leveraging Instagram automation can help get you on the right foot with your customers. 

Here is the next best thing Instagram automation can help you do – automate customer support! 

We’ve said this many times – customer support can make or break your business. And if you’re an Instagram-focused business, you need to make sure your customer support is above par to retain your customers. 

Luckily for you, Simplify360’s Instagram chatbot takes care of your support process like a PRO!

Instagram Customer Support Automation

You can create any number of flows and automate your customer support to a great extent. Simplify360’s Instagram chatbots are AI-powered, allowing you to respond and resolve customer queries with ease. You don’t have to switch between channels to do this – the chatbot takes care of it all! 

Note: Chatbots aren’t always successful. At times, when your customer comes with an out-of-the-box question, your chatbot fails to understand the scenario and resolve it. You need to have a failsafe plan here – transfer the ticket to human agents. With Simplify360, you can set criteria and seamlessly transfer tickets from bot to human agents.

3. Increase Engagement By Responding to Post Comments As DMs

Responding to post comments is a great way to boost your Instagram engagement. But, what if you could respond to post comments in the form of DMs? And how great it’d be if you can automate it? 

Yes! You can now automatically respond to post comments in the form of DMs and increase the engagement factor. And probably even conversions later!

What happens here is, when you personally respond to post comments as direct messages, it opens a pathway to new conversation opportunities and you can take it from there. Promote existing products or upsell new products or build a relationship – it’s totally up to you!

Your chatbot takes care of the first half while you can take care of the rest! You can even use this feature to resolve customer issues! Find a concerning comment? Your chatbot automatically takes it to the inbox and resolves it. 

With Simplify360’s Instagram Automation Tool, you can create all kinds of automated workflows.

4. Automate Responses to Story Mentions

This happens way too often, especially if you’re a creator. When you post quality content like tips & tricks, hacks, new places to visit, or cuisines to try, some of your followers might find it super useful and end up tagging you on their posts! 

And when this happens, you can simply send an automated response as a direct message, thanking your follower! 

Here’s an example!

Instagram Automated Story Mention Response

A response like this will not only be much appreciated by your followers but also increase the relationship between you and your followers!

5. Conduct Giveaways to Increase Engagement & Capture Leads

Giveaway campaigns are one of the best ways to boost engagement on your Instagram handle and capture leads. 

With Instagram automation in place, all you need to do is, start a giveaway campaign and the automation takes care of the rest!

You can seamlessly respond to giveaway-related comments and capture emails simultaneously. Use the captured emails to later promote your products or exclusive offers.

Here’s an example of Instagram giveaway automation.

Instagram Giveaway Automation

You can simply ask your followers to comment on a specific word in the comments section of your post. When that is done, you can take the conversation to the inbox and capture the email address.

6. Schedule & Publish Posts

It is normal to get occupied. But that doesn’t mean you cannot post on time!

With Simplify360’s Instagram automation tool on board, you can seamlessly schedule your posts and publish them on time – no fuss! Also, you can know how posts are performing by taking a look at Simplify360’s Analytics Dashboard – you get post performance metrics such as Likes, Comments, Impressions, Engagement Rate and more in one place! 

The auto-schedule & publish feature gives you time to concentrate on things that matter most. Just set it & forget it.

And yes! That was the last one on our list! We’re wrapping it up now!

The Bottom Line

If you are still reading this, you now know 6 ways to leverage Instagram automation for your business growth. With more than one billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s time you start making use of these features. 

By automating your Instagram engagement, you can not only grow your follower base but also increase conversions and reputation to a great extent! 

With an Instagram automation tool like Simplify360 on board, increasing engagement and automating customer support is going to be a walk in the park. 

Now that you know how to leverage Instagram automation, why wait then? 

Talk to our experts over a 1-1 personalized session and know how Simplify360’s Instagram Automation tool can help your IG growth!

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