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 Vanessa DiMauro, Forbes Top 40 Social marketing Master shares her thoughts on #BeingACommunityManager

Vanessa DiMauro, Forbes Top 40 Social marketing Master shares her thoughts on #BeingACommunityManager

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Few days back, I got the opportunity to interact with Vanessa DiMauro, CEO at Leader Networks, a firm that specializes in designing the strategy and operations for running B2B online communities.
Listed by Forbes for being among the Top 40 Social marketing Master, she has been a thought leader on social business strategy and operations and B2B communities, etc. but most of all she is an amazing human being. While interacting with her I realized the ‘social’ in social media is indeed alive.
She has been in the role of a Community Manager for more than 5 years, and she stated that ‘helping people get access to information they cannot get elsewhere’ is what fascinates her the most about this job role.
She believes the biggest challenge at her work is when ‘Organizations don’t often understand the potential business impact of successful strategic communities’. She added that, ‘growing and defining a community is one of the most crucial aspects in this job role’.
Dealing with a negative query can be a little tricky and she suggests that responding via a predefined triage plan is what works best.
Her favorite quote is, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others. – Swahili proverb.
If you are a Community Manager, you too can participate and share your thoughts with us by submitting your entry here.
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Looking forward to sharing smiles with more Community Managers.