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 Calling all Superheroes called Community Managers.

Calling all Superheroes called Community Managers.

We are delighted to announce our initiative called #BeingACommunityManager.
If you are working as a Social Media Community Manager then here’s your chance to be known to the world and get connected to thousands of people like you. The idea behind taking this initiative is our belief that Community Managers are no less than Super Heroes and deserve to be known and appreciated for their work; after all they are the ones who give a voice to a brand on social media. How customers and fans perceive a brand, is largely dependent on them; which is why we thought of bringing these faces forward and letting the world know more about them.
This is a unique platform where Community Managers will get a chance to interact and connect to each other and share their opinions, views, best practices and a lot more. Tweet us with the hashtag #BeingACommunityManager to share your thoughts with us.
Still wondering why?
Here are four reasons:

  • You will get connected to thousand other Community Managers, influencers and industry experts.
  • You will get to explore and learn what your counter parts are doing across various industries and share the good and bad practices.
  • An opportunity to gain more exposure and visibility, a chance to get noticed by the millions of industry experts.
  • You will get to be a part of our special book and be among the most social ‘Community Managers of the world’.

To participate please go to
Entries are open only till 26th September, so hurry up.

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