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 Simplify360 powers Social CRM with automatic message Prioritization

Simplify360 powers Social CRM with automatic message Prioritization


Simplify360, the leading Social Media Management Platform for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement has launched latest version with additional user friendly feature on message prioritization.
This is an essential feature which can boost its social CRM capability. With this change the conversations coming into the system are prioritized automatically for easy selection of messages based on the user set priority. This makes the tool extremely user friendly. The tool presents itself with an option to manage priority under settings as shown below.


The prioritization here is done based on a special algorithm. The tool considers case severity and influence score to understand the priority. Here the case severity is set by users wherein they can enter keywords to be tracked. The keywords are categorized into high, medium and low severity.  Users can decide on the key words depending on the business requirements. This way tool provides users the flexibility needed when it comes to setting rules.
message priority
Another component here helping in prioritization is influence score. This score is allocated after understanding the influence of different channels when it comes to social media conversation about the entity. For example under facebook they have likes score and comments score. Scores can be assigned based on users’ understanding of trend seen in that particular channel with the specific entity.
After considering both influence score and case severity it comes up with priority index score. The score obtained for each message is then used for prioritization. Higher the priority index score, higher the priority for the message.
Simplify360 believes in discovering new ways of enhancing their product to maintain their lead in the industry and to deliver the best to its clients. Simplify360 has once again reinforced its leadership and its drive for excellence by coming out with an extremely innovative and user friendly feature on message prioritization.

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