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 Indian Real Estate Campaigns Set the Social Media Stage on Fire

Indian Real Estate Campaigns Set the Social Media Stage on Fire

Kolte Patil Developers continues to lead Social media in the Indian Real Estate sector
It is said that investment in real estate is one thing that is never going to earn you losses. With Narendra Modi announcing the allowance of foreign investors to join the Indian Real Estate Industry, the competition among the various players has stiffened and the margins of difference in their popularity are disappearing rapidly.
Over 20 million people have at least one social media account. The graph below shows the rapidly increasing use of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
google plus growth 20mil-thumb-640xauto-3553
This is also the sole reason why all brands want to make their presence felt on social media. It has been found that close to 61% of people research products through social media sites. This clearly shows where your leads reside.
Let us take a look at how the Indian Real Estate Players perform in their Social Media usage and acceptance.
1. Kolte Patil bags the highest share of voice i.e. 11%
They achieved the lead in the share of voice due to the Nest Fest that concluded only recently. This fest exhibited Pune’s biggest Property Expo, and their campaign witnessed over 200 million impressions online, with 5.3 million impressions achieved through Twitter alone.
Tata Value Homes and Tata Housing acquired the second and the third position.
Real estate social media share of voice february 2015
2. National Home Buying Week Campaign fights closely with Nest Fest
In terms of share of voice received by campaigns conducted by the real estate players, Tata and Kolte Patil had a neck to neck competition. Both the campaigns received 36K interactions on social media.
3. A Deeper Understanding of the Nest Fest Campaign
This campaign witnessed a huge growth in their social media performance, with close to 207 million estimated impressions. Also the online buzz around Kolte Patil and Nest Fest reached a high of 5.8K.
4. A Comparison with the Last Year’s Scores
While Sobha Developers had topped the list of Maximum Facebook Engagement, last year, this year Kolte Patil has stolen the throne. Although Sobha Developers still hold the highest number of fans, the number of fans engaged and the percentage of fans engaged stands higher for Kolte Patil.
5. On Twitter
While Facebook is dominated by Kolte Patil and Sobha, Unitech Ltd received the highest number of mentions and Tata Housing has the highest number of followers on Twitter.
An extensive research about the Real Estate industry has only proved that both online and offline campaigns create a huge impact on the sales figures of these firms. With rising use of internet, the focus of spreading awareness about various festive offers, sale fairs and expos has shifted to social media. The success of Nest Fest as well as the National Home Buying Week, provides a clear picture about the effective use of social media and how success follows!


  • Nice blog by Rimjhim.

  • Above content is really good, but this content require a bit correction, which is comparison, as we know kolte patil is one of the biggest developer in Pune, but what about other biggest realtors, because it compare with small organization, you should have compare with Marvel Realtors, which is very biggest and now a days a premium brand name in Pune, also it expand within Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and other foreign countries.

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