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 How can Retail Brands leverage Social Media?

How can Retail Brands leverage Social Media?

Our recent social media research on Top 5 US Retail Brands have brought many insights on how brands can leverage social media. Why people are talking about retail brands and what they are mostly talking about?

We found that people talk about 6 different things about Retail Brands:

  1. Event related stories
  2. About the services on Retail Stores
  3. About the experience on Retail Stores
  4. About the Product being sold
  5. Updates around people visiting the stores
  6. Feedback on cost of the products on the stories
Based on the data we collected for all the TOP brands on Retails, we found that products and events were the top stories related to Retail Brands.
Data Source: Simplify360
As a result, it is very important for brands to make sure that they have action plans for social media conversations around their brands. How are they going to react to feed backs and queries, and leverage social media.
There are 4 major ways to leverage social media for Retail Brands:
1. Handling Customer Queries and Complaints.
2. Using the platform to announce new products, offers and campaigns.
3. Promoting offline events and creating engagement around the event.
4. Helping people make better purchasing decision by sharing relevant information.
The customers are getting intelligent day by day and are finding their ways in social media to complains or seek information. If the brand is not listening and engaging with their customer than they are losing an opportunity to build their reputation.
The beauty of social media is that it will point out your company’s flaws; the key questions is how quickly you address these flaws.” –Erik Qualmann

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