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Share of voice of Target is more than 50% among top US Retail Brands

Bangalore 7th September, 2012: Simplify360, the leading Social Media Management application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement launches a report on Social Media and Retail Industry.

Retail Industry is one of the most active industries on Social Media. Retail Brands like Walmart and Target are among the top 20 brands on Facebook with the highest number of Facebook fans. Recent Comscore research shows that 54% of the referral traffic to retail websites comes from Facebook, 30% from Pinterest and 8% from Tumblr. Among the many use cases of social media, marketing is the top priority for Retail Brands. Amplification of their marketing message makes the huge chunk of their overall social media strategy. Besides marketing, customer support is another key activity on social media.

Some key findings:

  • Comparison shows that most of the conversations related to Retail Brands revolve around the PRODUCTs.
  • BEST BUY has the highest conversations of 57% around PRODUCTs followed by 16% conversation around COST.
  • On the other hand, TARGET and WALMART have more conversations around Retail Experience than BEST BUY.
  • Among all brands, TARGET and HOME DEPOT have the highest conversations around LOCATION, which means people like updating their location details when they are in TARGET or HOME DEPOT than in any other Retail outlets.

Vice President and Lead Analyst Vang Lian said, “In this report, we have explored the conversation trends around the best US Retail brands as listed by Interbrand. Interbrand is one of the largest branding consultancies. The brands are ranked based on the Brand Value. We wanted to take into account all the many ways in which a brand touches and benefits its organization from attracting and retaining talent to delivering on customer expectations. The final value can then be used to guide brand management, so businesses can make better, more informed decisions”

Simplify360: Simplify360 is a Social Media Management Application for Social Business Analytics and Multichannel Engagement. Global clients have validated the product for stability and scalability with significant use for some time now. It enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, Simplify360 extend a sophisticated and user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence. The company supports a variety of Enterprises, SMBs, Media Agencies, Research and Analytics Communities and Customer Support Organizations.

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