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 12 best social media listening articles

12 best social media listening articles

Can you imagine a world where everything is on mute? What would have happened if we had no ears to listen to and sign language was the only medium of communication? What if there was no speaking, or music to listen to? Yes, life would have been a lot duller.
But, ah thank God things aren’t that way.
Social media has given us the virtual power of listening. And with things and events happening every day we get to listen to a lot more and stay connected with our favorite people and our favorite brands through social media- stay updated with the new happenings in and around us. With the evolution of social listening, social media listening tools gave us the power to filter what we want to hear.
Based on the learnings and findings by the experts on social media listening, we have listed here the top 12 articles on the topic:
1. 10 Questions to Ask When Managing Your Company’s Online Reputation– By Entrepreneur
An article by KIM LACHANCE SHANDROW, writes about the 10 vital questions whose answer you should know for managing a company’s online reputation.
2. Listen up! Why your business needs a social media listening strategy– By Social Media Week
This is article by Nicole Brown, talks about ways to market online business and how to grow them.
3. How to Optimize Your Content Strategy With Social Listening– By Search Engine Watch
Written by Justin Freid, talks about the fact why publishing good content alone isn’t enough and why understanding of audience is important to improve reach on social media.
4. Social media monitoring by employers predicted to rise– By Guardian
Published by Helen Pidd, Northern editor, it is an interesting article on PwC survey study of 10,000 professionals and personal data monitoring to understand what motivates workforce.
5. Social Media Monitoring Tool Report 2013– By Goldbach Interactive
It is a comparative report on the top social media monitoring tools available in the market detailing on their pros and cons to help you choose the most suited tool for your needs.
6. Why All Brands Should Be Monitoring Social Media– By Social Media Today
Written by Andrew Hutchinson, this article is focused on the importance of social media monitoring for business- how and what you can gain out of it.
7. How to choose the right social media monitoring platform– By PR Daily
Another guide article on what criteria one should keep in mind for choosing the perfect social media monitoring tool for a business.
8. 10 Steps for Successful Social Media Monitoring– By Mashable
Maria Ogneva, in this article talks about ways to ensure that you are successful in your monitoring and measurement efforts.
9. How to Simplify Your Social Monitoring– By Social Media Examiner
Laura Roeder here talks about two social analytics tools, Topsy and Netvibes and how you can use them to enhance your real time social media monitoring.
10. 5 proven ways to boost your Facebook page Engagement– By Simplify360
Mohan Krishna, ex- Research Analyst at Simplify360 gives 5 quick tips on how you can boost engagement on Facebook.
11. 13 Tips for Monitoring Kids’ Social Media– By
With social media on the rise and kids being continuously exposed to its effects, shows how you can help children use social media safer.
12. How social media listening is making the world a better place.- By Simplify360
This is a very interesting take on social media, how it has revolutionized the world. How the world is being impacted and how social media touches our lives every single day.