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 Word of mouth marketing strategy

Word of mouth marketing strategy

Trust stands as the main benefactor in influencing people’s purchasing decision and any suggestion from friends are always welcomed and taken seriously. As a result, word of mouth has always been an effective way of spreading the news or announcing new products. This is also one of the main reason behind viral campaigns.

Though in the era of mass media advertisement ruled the business world, it’s getting irrelevant day by day. Only 14% of people trust ads but 78% of people trust in consumer recommendation.

Simplify360 provides a good platform for marketers to leverage social media for word of mouth campaigns. There are three main aspect of word of mouth marketing which can be employed using Simplify360:

1. Avoiding Issues
Monitor. Monitor and Monitor. Listening is the biggest assets of today’s social media and Simplify360 makes it all easy for you. People are always complaining and making critical claims on services and brands. Simplify360 provides the exact platform for you to monitor them and act on it.

2. Consumer Research
Social media provides a unique opportunity for you to do consumer research based on your industry and understand the need of people. This way, it will help you design your campaign and be effective.

3. Identifying and Engaging Influencers
Identifying key influencers and engaging with them is an important part of word of marketing. Simplify360’s easy influencer finder makes it easy to find influencers and engage with them.

Word of mouth marketing has become core strategy of all the big and small brands. But managing communication over a wide range of networking sites is difficult. But Simplify360’s engagement and monitoring platform makes it easy to connect and spread your word.