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 Ten Reasons – Why you should invest in social media listening

Ten Reasons – Why you should invest in social media listening

Know what people are talking about you
With ever increasing users on social media networks, everyone clearly understands the power of social media and how it can make or break any business. Customer service, handing reviews, content marketing and there are lots of other things monitoring of these social media networks enables us to do, thereby achieving highest standards of social customer service.
Here we have given some good 10 reasons as to why you should seriously consider in investing in social media listening space. Take a look;
#1 – If you are looking to reduce customer support costs
Social media networks provide you with an almost free of cost way to serve your customers, and even allow you to engage with them on a personal level, which establishes a positive image of the brand.
If your brand has a credible social media listening strategy in place, then you are all set for managing your social conversations more efficiently and economically.
#2 –If you are still struggling with your communications plan and don’t know how to control a PR crisis
With millions of millions people on social networks, it is quite possible that the negative news might be doing rounds on social media before some mainstream media picks it up. This is the stage when a PR crisis is in its formation stage and the brands are completely unaware about it;
So, if it has ever happened that your brand got involved in a PR crisis and you came to know about it when a major news daily reported about it and on investigating you found that there was already an ample amount of conversations which you didn’t track – My friend, you seriously need a social media listening mandate set for your brand.
#3 – If you don’t have a clue about your competitor’s brand reputation
This is that indicator which can make or break your business. Tracking your competitor on internet will give you these benefits;
a. Their brand sentiment in the market;
b. Learn what are the areas where they are good and where they are bad;
c. Know what are the pain points of the consumers , ranging from product features/marketing/TVC/product quality to improvise      yourself accordingly,
#4 – Your campaigns/products fail to be futuristic in approach
Social Media listening is super useful in spotting trends. If you are able to monitor the social conversations in a strategic way then your initiatives of today will be making big news tomorrow.
#5 – If you don’t have a “Social Proof”
Apart from customer service, social media listening is a great way for creating your very own “social proof”.
Social Proof is the positive reviews about your brand found over the internet which you can get by monitoring the social conversations.
Sharing the “social proof” on your social profiles will enhance your persuasive quotient.
#6 – If you don’t have a clue about the influencers on your topic
Community building is the first step towards building a strong social clout, if your brand doesn’t know who are those people who talk about your industry; then surely you’re missing a big bounty.
Get a social media listening plan in place now and get going after those people as they will help your voice to reach to a wider base of audience.
#7 – If you’re sales team is facing a lead-generation crisis
Before your sales rep run short of contact list of prospects, buckle up and start monitoring the social conversations. Twitter, for example, is a great way to find your future customers, and many companies have made fortunes by just being tweet-smart,
Social Media listening will help your sales team with a stable leads flow which will ensure the profitability of your business.
#8 – If your turnaround time for responding to a complaint is not good
According to a Gleanster report, 25% of the top brands surveyed invested in social media listening space for the purpose of achieving better customer service standards,
And, when we have billions of tweets and comments floating on social platforms only, one can easily imagine the benefit of having a social customer service team in place.
#9 – If your content is not sharp and you don’t have an edge over your competitors
Monitoring social media outlets becomes very important when marketers are looking for those specific keywords which should be there in the content.
Using the keywords mined from social conversations from your audience will help you to create content which your target group can easily relate with.
#10 – If you don’t have any idea about your audience demographics
Knowing the whereabouts of your audience – When they come online, where are they located; languages they speak and many personal insights are very important for all the marketers.
If your brand is not aware of these stats, then your communication strategy will fail, no matter what you do.
So, if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above then now is the time to invest in a robust social media listening tool.