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 What Marketers can do on Pinterest?

What Marketers can do on Pinterest?

Pinterest gives marketers a new set of marketing opportunities. As now you know what the reasons are for you are on Pinterest, here are few reasons for you that explain what you can do on Pinterest.
 1. Share visual content on Pinterest:
As we all know, Pinterest is a visual social media network site where you can share visual content. Businesses are bagging customers with the help if elicit emotional images. When it is business to business companies, they can share images of products, visuals relating to blog articles, resources like white paper, cheat sheets etc., Infographics and Instructographics are two great content types that are widely used on Pinterest. Data charts, ebook cover photos, photos of your customers, your events happening, sometimes even personal photos that customers can relate to are a great content media.
 2. Incorporate Pinterest button on Website:
Ensure to include a Pinterest button on your website. This helps people reaching out to your pin boards. When they reach the boards, they need to see information relevant to your website. So ensure that content on your social media network and the website is in line.
 3. Stand out as an Industry Leader:
Through your pins, share thought leadership information that makes you stand out in the crowd and makes you stand as a leader in your market. Have themed pin boards that speak your language.
 4. Start a video Gallery:
After images, videos are the next big thing in the content marketing funnel. Utilize Pinterest to showcase videos you have created. Create a special gallery for the videos and share them on Pinterest. You can feature videos of events, speakers, conferences, etc. that build credibility.
 5. Use #Hashtag to be found:
Like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook now, Pinterest also allows hashtags. Make use of hashtags to tag pins and make the pins search friendly.
Pinterest is not about showing off products or services. It is about showcasing them in such a way that your target audience like it and go for it. Dig out ways to understand how to attract your target audience based on their lifestyle, preferences and buying behaviors.