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 What does it takes to be in the Top 50 Forbes Social Media Power Influencers!

What does it takes to be in the Top 50 Forbes Social Media Power Influencers!

Forbes recently released their list of top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in April. Interestingly, we came up with some patterns and content strategies adapted by these influencers for building a following of their own.
Social Media has helped in democratizing of the opinion. While some of the celebrated individuals are not so popular on social media, some commons have also made it big through its usage by creating a brand for themselves. In such a scenario, content strategies for one’s social page hold utmost importance, for it is the content, which helps an individual to get identified and ‘followed’ in the social communities.
According to the research, which we carried out by monitoring the conversations of these 50 influencers, most of the influencers get it right when it comes to their content. A focused and creative approach towards content management for a social platform has emerged as the one of the social media best practices. It also emerged as a significant fact in research that about 63% of the influencers were committed towards helping their audience with relevant social media strategy guidance. Topics ranging from brand management to social CRM are widely discussed. Also, about 14% of influencers provided expert insights about niche social networks. About 40% of influencers provided insights based on their ongoing or previous entrepreneurial experiences, which added credibility to their conversations.
It was also found that influencers are most likely to use text blogs for making their opinions count to their audience.

In addition to this, the research found no correlation between the daily number of tweets and the follower count of influencers.

In terms of their activities, we found that maximum activity was happening on Tuesday and Wednesday. This shows that for effectively reaching out to your audience, these are the best days in the week.

There is a myth that most of the influencers are good at sharing links to the relevant information, but we found out that link tweets only catered to less than 50%. More than tweeting links, focus was in engaging with the audience and getting into the conversation.

Maximum Number Of Tweets (49%) from the Influencers were replies and responses to other’s Tweets. Influencers love to engage with others than retweeting others’ tweets. Also general updates made 42% of the total type of Tweets. While 9% of the tweets were RTs of others’ tweets.

Time and again we have observed that influencers and professionals in executive position love to share inspirational quotes. The research found that 44% of the Influencers were tweeting inspirational tweets.
In summary, in order to be an influencer you need to have certain credibility in your profession. If you are a designer than you need to have authority over its language, if you are a marketing professional than you need to know the ins and outs of the new trends. Having a command over your profession and showing it through social media by delivering useful content should be your prime objective. Along with this, engaging with audience and getting into relevant discussion can boost your profile and take you onto the path of becoming an influencer.

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