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 #WeWantTransparency: The Social Media Uproar for Transparency

#WeWantTransparency: The Social Media Uproar for Transparency

It’s just about an year of BJP rule and there are already a number of allegations against the government! Is this a desperate attempt by the Congress or is it actually an investigation, for the betterment of the common public is still a question.
Sonia Gandhi, the President of Indian National Congress party, is supposed to take a stand against the NDA, which she calls a one man government, ruled by Narendra Modi, about issues related to RTI, CVC, CIC, Lokpal and more. It is also house to a huge discussion, considering it speaks about why there have been no head personnel allocated to the above mentioned departments already. She questions the transparency of the Modi government and is ready to fight the battle of words at the Parliament today. Let’s wait and watch what the PM has to say on this.

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