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 Webinar on How To Conduct A Social Media Audit of Your Brand

Webinar on How To Conduct A Social Media Audit of Your Brand

Social Media Audit

A social media brand audit is a comprehensive assessment of a brand, in which it’s strengths and weaknesses are assessed and opportunities are determined.
In today’s business climate, you can’t afford not to be using every tool at your disposal to gain a competitive edge. If your customers are talking about you or your competitors, it’s likely through social media.

The purpose of a social brand audit is to capitalize on the opportunities in efforts to improve the various elements of an organization’s brand in both management and marketing perspectives.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The role social media monitoring is playing in transforming organizations into social enterprises
  • How monitoring is being used throughout organizations to address changing customer behavior, activity and expectations
  • Practical tools for garnering market and competitive intelligence through social channels using Social Media Monitoring to create a Competitive Advantage

Join Simplify360 in an online roundtable discussion on how innovative social data is helping organizations like yours overcome real obstacles.

All that and much more in this 1-hour webinar on Friday, 4th May at 1030 AM IST. Register now to learn how revolutionary social insights like these can help you make more sense of social conversations and redefine what social media can bring to your business.

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