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 Watch Out for the Apple Watch

Watch Out for the Apple Watch

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Who doesn’t dream to own a smart watch, especially when it is released by a brand like Apple. The same reflected on various social media channels as well.A social media analysis of the effect the news about apple watch has done on the people across continents leaves one stunned.
Every little information, released by Apple, about this interestingly featured watch only adds to the excitement of the people waiting eagerly to buy it. What is striking is the fact that people who do not intent to buy the watch immediately after its release seem to be equally excited.
While most of the conversation seems to be coming from the USA, other nations like Canada, India, UK and more also add to the ever increasing conversation rate.
Social media platforms are flooded with images, descriptions, estimated prices, news and more about the beautiful Apple watch. However, Twitter seems to be leading the race with 89% of these conversations happening there.
All we can do is Wait and Watch…

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