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 Using Social Media for Customer Service

Using Social Media for Customer Service

In a Q4 2011 survey of worldwide online consumers, Oracle found that online users valued having a number of pathways to customer service support, including through social media, click-to-call services and instant messaging.

Today, customers are talking about you with other customers and prospects in open platforms like Twitter, Facebook Pages and Forums. People are seeking for advices and information about products and services in social media sites. This phenomenon has amplified customer voice and its relevance in the business. Though this has empowered customers, it has deeply affected the way people do business. As a result, businesses are facing a huge challenge to interact and track this conversation online and manage them.

Accordingly to a worldwide study conducted by DMG Consulting, more than two-thirds (67 percent) of enterprises are already using social media for a variety of activities that often include some form of customer service. The study found that despite the widely recognized potential power of social media, few organizations have figured out how to use it effectively to achieve their enterprise goals.

Here are the top 3 challenges of Customer Support through Social Media

  • Tracking conversations across all the channels for complaints and queries
  • Responding effectively to complaints  and tracking its effectiveness
  • Coordination between customer support team
Above diagram shows 5 major opportunities that Social Media provides for Customer Support.
  1. Social Media allows your customers to reach out to you easily, which creates an opportunity for support team to address in the nick of time.
  2. Unlike in other support system, social media can really help you increase your outbound responses thereby reaching mass in no time.
  3. As people are always talking about their brand experience, it easily allows support team to anticipate the help from the track history of the customers’ conversation.
  4. Interacting over social media has a plus point in the overall customer satisfaction which makes customer feel at their own control.
  5. Customer Support through social media can be easily audited for improving the efficiency of the support system.
The figure below shows how a business can set-up a strong social media support center.
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