Types of Content that Helps You Drive Engagement on Social Media

Types of Content that Helps You Drive Engagement on Social Media

The world of content is bustling with increasing number of writers by the day leading to over 2 million pieces of blogs being published every day. Do you know how easy it makes for your content to get lost in the crowd? To ensure your content cuts through the noise and receives the attention it deserves, your content not just needs to be creative but also interactive. A piece of content which talks to the readers mind or encourages them to comment, question and share is considered a successful content by the social media standards.
Long format content: The basics of writing a long format content is to make it interesting, keep the sentences short and ensure that the topic is relatable to the audience it is targeted to. Well that’s just the basics! Leaving your content open-ended is another way to make sure that your content receives maximum reads and encourages a string of conversations after.
Real time content: People are constantly reading content online, viewing videos and more, to stay updated about the latest trends. Creating content which is real time and about the trends in the market is a wonderful way to entice your customers. While they are looking for freshly brewed content, you can help them stay updated about the daily trends. This keeps them hooked to your site not just for content which is related to your industry of function, but also otherwise, keeping your number of visitors on an all-time high.
Interactive content:

  1. Puzzles/Quizzes: Campaigns are one way to attract more customers, and get them to like your social pages or visit your website, but is that enough to increase engagement on your page? Not sure! Contests on the other hand can work wonders. Puzzles and quizzes have proven to be some of the best contesting ways. Of course, the contest comes with the declaration of a winner and sending out gifts as awards to the winners. But, the aim of winning a certain “something” is sure to drive audience to your profile and increase engagement.
  2. Survey/Poll: Twitter is a great platform to carry out surveys. Doing personalized surveys around product features, improvement required, and the like is a whole different ball game, which can be carried out through email or personalized messages on social media. However, your audience on social media can be your storehouse of ideas, to produce new content on a regular basis. A simple poll/survey around what form of content would they like to see you producing or what do they prefer to see on your next video is an effortless way to not just make your page more interactive but also a storehouse for the next idea for your content strategy team.

Capture it in an Image:

  1. Memes: The most convenient way to let your friends know that you love them and think about them is by tagging them on memes. That is probably the coolest thing to do as a display of your friendship in today’s date. Tag your loyal customers on a funny and relatable meme or post those customer centric memes generally and watch the engagement on your page grow.
  2. Humorous Posts: Humour is always a great way to keep your customers hooked to your page. Whether it is a funny video, a hilarious post or for that matter even a sarcastic meme; it is sure grab many shares and comments. If you are confused, what is going to drive in those extra comments and shares on your page, humour is the answer.
  3. Quotes: Who doesn’t like to read something inspiring, which is going to keep them motivated all day long? In fact, researches show that motivational quotes (images or otherwise) receive high number of shares. This is exactly why you should be sharing motivational quotes on your social pages too. This will help increase the number of shares on your posts and enable increase in engagement, garnering more audience to your page through increased shares.

Videos for every mood:

  1. Animated: Animation, with a tinge of humour is the best way to get those likes on your page. Through animated videos, you could educate your customers about your products or simply share a comic scene. Animated videos are the in thing and you sure are missing out on ways to grabbing engagement if you aren’t making any.
  2. Live streams: Your company is having an event and you want your customers to know all about it, stream it live! Grab an influencer and ask them to go live as they talk about you or make use of your products, and watch those comments flow. Let’s take for example the brand Samsonite. They have intelligently asked certain celebrities with high following to take up certain challenges using the Samsonite bags and the response to those posts are amazing!
  3. DIY Videos/Inspirational Videos: Whether you are trying to inspire your customers to work hard to keep themselves fit and healthy or you are trying to teach them a certain technique to make use of their old things to create something interesting, DIY learning videos and inspirational videos about how others are doing it always helps get those extra comments on your posts.

If you’re a beginner in video editing & creation and wondering about how to make a short and engaging video for your business, then you should use apps like Video maker for business, Filimora, as well as online tools like PhotoADKing and Clipchamp.

So, what are you waiting for? Make social media your stage and play your cards right to get those extra comments and likes you have been waiting to achieve.