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 Twitter Vine: Twitter's inroads into the Short Video sharing marketplace

Twitter Vine: Twitter's inroads into the Short Video sharing marketplace

Twitter has introduced Vine, a mobile service that lets twitter users to capture and share short videos, in January this year. Twitter Vine, like tweets has a limit of 6 seconds. Twitter allows vines on its platform to encourage creativity, emotions and moods. It seems like Twitter is going to revolutionize the marketplace with the help of Twitter vines.

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Comprehending the importance of the great application, businesses are moving forward and applying it to their businesses. Here are a few ways in which businesses are planning to utilize Twitter vine.
Engage with followers
Since twitter is a social network that needs continuous tweets for engagement, vine proves to be a great marketing tactic to grab attention of the followers and make conversations. Promote products/services or an event or a conference in which your organization is taking part or sponsoring. Since the trend is set for short commercials, twitter vines would prove to be a great way of creating commercials specific for twitter users.
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Your followers on twitter would be excited to see how you work and how your employees behave at work place, fun videos, award functions at the organization, etc. This can also go viral like the YouTube videos, just that these are short and quick easily eye-catchy. You can also share the testimonials from your clients, or how your employees have fun at work, so on and so forth. It absolutely depends on your creativity what you can bring out from the videos.
Guide Vines:
Create vines specific to your services to help your customers know more about your product/services. User guides, help guides or benefit videos or any video that can help the prospect to comprehend the product/service better or help the customers to get the most of the product.
Revamp Videos:
If you have created a new brand website or revamped the website or made any changes to your product/service, you can create videos to showcase how they were and how they are. This will help people to understand the changes or enhancements your company has been doing which can be a great influencing factor to buy from you.
Pose a Challenge:
Everybody wants to be a fighter and win the sport. So to allure these senses, throw away some challenges and record the videos along with rewards to the winner. This can prove to be of great help to B2C companies, thought B2B can try, consumers are the people who are usually interested in such stuff compared to businesses, who are not free to take up challenges.
A few more vines can be related to asking questions, CEO’s speech, social message, your brand tag line, vines of seminars, conferences, summits, gatherings at work place, anything trendy, customizing anything trendy to make it relevant for your business, so and so forth.
All you would need is a creative art director, who think crazy about the trends and give the company a great asset of vines. Take the leap and hire a creative director, create great vines and do let us know. We would like to check the Twitter Vines of our readers.

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