Twitter Marketing Bible : Get your Free Copy

Twitter Marketing Bible : Get your Free Copy

The key to the success of any business lies in getting its products and services over a large audience and selling them. A business has to continuously engage with their customers and cannot succeed if they fail to build a relationship.

In the competitive market that exists today, the challenge is not just to listen to the consumer but listen to them before your competitors do.

Social Media has done an excellent job in bringing the producer and consumer closer. The distance between the company and the consumer is diminishing by the day.

From positive feedback to negative criticism, everything talked on the sphere of Web 2.0 today is closely watched.

When we talk about the contribution of Social Media in the marketing efforts used by a company, Twitter emerges as a clear winner. The simple interface and approach has received an overwhelming response from startups to huge enterprises alike.

Twitter is one of the youngest kids on the block and as with any form of Social Media one needs to be cautious in optimizing Twitter for business benefits. Like all Social Media sites, Twitter can be addictive too. Therefore it becomes necessary to understand the role of Twitter as a marketing platform before you make a leap.

In this book, we have tried to define what exactly Social Media is and how effective is Twitter as a marketing platform. We have used our experience and real time examples to provide you with ways you can use Twitter as a marketing tool.

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