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 How Twitter celebrated Narendra Modi’s historic win

How Twitter celebrated Narendra Modi’s historic win

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Let’s look at some numbers first.

  • There were 76k tweets yesterday congratulating Narendra Modi on the hashtag #CongratsNaMo
  • #CongratsNaMo trended worldwide for almost 10 hours.

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  •  ‘Congratulations Sir’ went trending worldwide for almost 4 hours.
  • There were over 320 thousand tweets using @narendramodi talking about Modi or talking to him (which is probably a record for the number of mentions received on one Twitter handle).
  • India’s most re-tweeted tweet in the history- was the first tweet Narendra Modi made after his victory.

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Narendra Modi’s victory in the national elections has embarked a new chapter in the history of India. This is by far the biggest victory for any party in the last 30 years and BJP has done it this time by gaining a majority in the parliament.
The BJP’s prime ministerial maintains his lead among politicians over the last few months, and finally stamping his authority with a Simplify360 Social Index (SSI) score of 96, the highest by any politician till date.
Modi was undoubtedly the most talked about politician yesterday followed by Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi.
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This list was prepared by taking into consideration factors such as awareness (total mentions+ unique people talking), their spread (i.e the quality of mentions spread by talking into account total impressions, total buzz and unique people talking), prominence (measure of prominence of a politician on social media platforms- via links, images, videos shared and uploaded) and favorability (considering the sentiments of conversations).
And this will give you a picture of the top trending topics on Narendra Modi yesterday:
trending in India
Here are some of the top tweets of yesterday:
manmohan singh
sushma swaraj
Also, based on the favorability score, Varun Gandhi, Narendra Modi and N. Chandrababu Naidu were the most favored politicians yesterday.
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