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 Twitter Analytics Dashboard: What you should look for?

Twitter Analytics Dashboard: What you should look for?

Twitter has become a very important online profile for businesses to communicate with online customers. Therefore, the analytics of the profile and tracking its influence in the internet has become very important.

In this age of information, analytics have become a key to mine into raw data and provide useful insights. Furthermore, it has become crucial for companies to invest in analytical tools to track their marketing campaigns and activities.

Currently, there are numerous tools (free and paid) available in the internet. Every tools promises to give you the edge to your social media marketing. Well, the team working in simplify360 product has been a long runner in the field of Social Media Analytic in general. We can confidently say that we were among very few who had analytics tools to analyze twitter profiles in early days.

Below are some of the key features and functionality that Simplify360’s Twitter Analytic provide:

1. Trend in Following and Followers

User can see the trends in the following and followers count in graphs and in terms of changes from last day, week or month.

2. Top Weekly, Monthly and 3 Month Followers

Simplify360 has a unique algorithm is identify your top followers based on the level of interaction level.

3. Map Overlay of your followers

Simplify360 also shows the distribution of twitter followers based on region. This way user can clearly identify the top country or region of their followers.

4. Demographics of your followers

In addition to the region, Simplify360’s twitter analytics also shows the sex and age distribution of the twitter followers. This is done using advance profile classifier algorithm to determine the age and sex.

5. Area of Interest of your followers

User can even view the word cloud of the area of the interest based on the bio details. This provides user clear insights on the kind of followers they have.

6. Detail of your top Tweets

Based on top retweets and top mentions, the system will also show you the top tweets from the profile. This will give better perspective and understanding of the followers.

7. Trend in your Twitter Activities and Responses

In addition to the followers and fans, simpliy360 also tracks the activity of the profile and shows the numbers of tweets, rts and mentions received per day. The graph will help user closely measure the activity and performance of the Twitter Profile

8. Measure of your active response and tweeting time

User can also view the hourly distribution of the response like RTs and Mentions and find the best time to tweet or respond.

9. Engagement and Influence Scoring

Simplify360 has its own algorithm to score the twitter profile’s influence and Engagement. Both are based on the number of mentions/RTs received, followers and level of engagement.

10. Analytical Comparison of more than 2 Twitter Profile

User can chose more than 2 twitter profile to compare their statistics with. This helps businesses to compare their activities with that of their competitors and stay ahead.

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