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 The 10 Most Social Pharma Companies in February 2014

The 10 Most Social Pharma Companies in February 2014

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Simplify360’s proprietary listening tool is used for collecting the data and counting the number of mentions for each company.
A total of 20 global companies were considered in the analysis. The parameters considered for Twitter and Facebook were also gathered through Simplify360.  In the analysis, a score called SSI (Simplify360 Social Index) is used for rating. SSI is a function of buzz score, Facebook engagement score and Twitter engagement score.
According to our research, Pfizer was the most social pharmaceutical company in the month of February with an SSI of 86, Novartis with 81 and Johnson & Johnson with 75 closely followed. In January however, Johnson & Johnson was on the top with an SSI of 82.
Pfizer is the most mentioned brand on social media with mentions of over 21,000. Eli Lilly & Co tweeted for the maximum number of times on Twitter while the most followed brand was Pfizer and Eli Lilly & Co. On Facebook, we found Bayer to be the clear leader with a very high fan count as well high engagement rate.
You might be interested to know that Bayer and Johnson & Johnson combined constitutes 70% of the Industry’s fan base.
fansFor a more extensive report please check the SlideShare below:

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