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 Top 10 Social Media Predictions of 2013

Top 10 Social Media Predictions of 2013

2012, was a great year with great revolutions in social media. Though it is going to be tough to predict, where social media stand in 2013, we still made efforts. Our predictions will help in slating your social media plans for the coming twelve months. In this list of predictions, you’ll know what’s going to change, what’s not, what new is going to pop up, etc. Hope these will help in having steady social media profiles to know whether you still need to care about those freaky ‘likes’, ‘tweets’ and ‘pins’.

Social media becomes a core business activity: Most marketers are likely to go aboard on to the social media platforms on realizing its importance. More marketers are going to concentrate on social media activities.
Visual Marketing Increases: Visual marketing is the next marketing tactic to word-of-mouth. This is the reason businesses are getting serious about visual marketing and it is definitely going to reach a new level in 2013. Brands will try and understand the visual marketing tactics and most of them will execute it as well. Pinterest and Instagram will rule the social media web.
Content Marketing is the new social media tactic: Content marketing will gain high importance and marketers will focus more on targeted marketing. Content creation will become niche and targeted in the coming twelve months. Marketers will dig out and find out new ways for content creation and publishing.
Google+ will become a must-have: Google+ along with it social features to hang out and other fun stuff, will likely come up with concepts more useful for businesses. And since Google+ is one of the tough competitors, businesses will work out on the social media network.
Marketers will cut down on the number of social media channels: Marketers will realize that not all social media channels would fit in their business requirements. So they’ll reduce the number of social media channels they have been using for social media activities. They will take decisions based on their niche industry verticals.
More industries will get involved in social media: Till now retail is the top industry which has been using social media for businesses. Later, even other industries have slowly entered. In the last two years even the most traditional healthcare industry had stepped. This year, more industries are expected to take off towards social media to take advantage and win more business.
Marketers increase social media expenditure: With so many industries and marketers entering marketing into the social territory, experts say that marketers would increase their investments on social media in order to beat out the competition and stay ahead.
LinkedIn gets better and bigger: More marketers will rely on LinkedIn network to build partnerships, acquire new clientele, etc. LinkedIn has been a very professional world and will continue to do so. 2012 was the year when most people have started using their LinkedIn accounts to get new jobs and head hunters for finding new skill sets.
Facebook users will lose interest: When compared to 2011, Facebook statistics show invariable decline in the number of users. Predictions are that Facebook users are going to get bored with the platform. So they would slowly slip away from the breaches.
Twitter will win more bucks: Twitter never had a record of downfall in their charts and the trend would continue even in 2013. Twitter users will go higher. And the number of tweets be minute will also increase rapidly.
These a few predictions social media gurus are expecting to happen. However, we cannot see what would actually happen unless and until we go through it…

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