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 Top 10 must read blogs on Social Media

Top 10 must read blogs on Social Media

Social media is a great way to make dollars. But if you are not following the right path and doing the right things, you are might lose out on its real benefits. To bring the marketing buck from social media, do not an analyst giving you tips for your social media, all you need to follow these ten social media blogs that consistently offer great insights to marketers. Follow these blogs and you can surely add to your social media mojo.

Social Media Examiner: It is a blog that consistently gives tips to marketers about using social media, blog and podcasts to grab in more customers, generate more brand awareness and increase sales. They help and update all the information that is required about social media to grow in the consistently changing social media globe.
SEOmoz:SEOmoz a most popular SEO software company, through its blog provides valuable insights about all the digital marketing including social media marketing and blogging.
MarketingProfs: There are many so called experts shouting out marketing tips, but MarketingProfs is one blog that every marketer should follow to get the right insights to do the right thing in a right way. It is a great brand that serves millions of entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers.
social media explorer: The blog offers business oriented social media and digital marketing strategies. IT publishes great insights for digital marketing, social media marketing, online communications, public relations and advertising. It is rated as the one of the top 150 marketing blogs.
Content Marketing Institute: A best blog that can give you insights about how to write content for every social media network to grab in great returns. It gives the best insights to integrate content marketing with your brand.
Econsultancy:The blog gives useful regular information about latest news in digital marketing which includes social media marketing.
Duct Tape Marketing: A must read for all those small businesses enterprises and business owners. Especially for marketers who are stepping into social media.
Seth Godin: Seth Godin is the one who many writers follow. For not just his style of writing but his depth in the subject matters, clarity in the writing and magic in the words make him a great blogger. Though he concentrates more on marketing tips, his social media tips are worthwhile reading.
Mashable: Mashable one of the top blogs that gives updates about social media is also a blog to be followed for every single update of all the social media networks. It also gives valuable insights to grow business on social media networks.
LinkedIn: Though not a blog, LinkedIn has many bloggers coming directly from CEOs and entrepreneurs, business owners that give real life examples and stories of what they have been facing in the digital marketing era. Following these marketers will definitely give you valuable inputs of how to do things on social media.
We at Simplify360 through our blog are also brining up content that can prove to be of great help to both B2B and B2C marketers. Hop in at anytime and check out new updates on social media.

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