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 Top 10 free social media listening tools

Top 10 free social media listening tools


1. Google alerts

Google alert is one media monitoring tool you cannot simply ignore.
Google alert simplify360

2. Socialmention

Socialmention has some impressive insights like sentiments, strength, passion etc on the mentions received for the past few days. But sometimes the number of mentions received is not that accurate.

Social Mention simplify360

3. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is good for engagement. Some of the new additions as highlighted in the image below is that you can search for your brand mention with some pretty neat filterings like: the number of retweets, specific users etc.

 Tweetdeck Simplify360

4. Twazzup

Twazzup easily classifies your brand mentions on Twitter on the basis of influentials, top retweets, top images etc. The only drawback here again is that your brand mentions will not be quantified.

Twazzup Simplify360

5. Tweetreach

Tweetreach gives your impressions and exposures based on the last 50 tweets sent. This gives a good sense of how your brand is performing.

 Tweetreach simplify360

6. Topsy

The free version of Topsy is good for monitoring the number of mentions your brand received upto the last 30 days. With the ability to view the mentions for the last week, day and hour, Topsy is one social media monitoring tool you cannot dispense without.
The only limitation of topsy is that you will be getting mentions only from Twitter.
1 Topsy simplify360

7. Twitter Search

You can go elsewhere to search for Twitter search, but Twitter’s own search is the mother of all Twitter search. Except that you will be able to go for top or all the mentions, there are some good filters like people, photo, video etc.

twitter search simplify360

Twitters advanced filters is something which will make your life a lot easier. Instead of a simple search just by “your brand name” you can also go for things like “Brandname” from:@username etc. We can discuss these advanced features in seperate post.

8. Facebook Graph search

Facebook graph search can be helpful if you know search queries. You can search for complex things like “Pages liked by people who liked your pages”, “Musicians followed by people who liked your pages” etc.

 Facebook graph search simplify360

9. Klout

Klout the free scoring tool give a score to the brand. It is good to know where your brand stands among the crowd. One good thing about Klout is that you can search for any brand, including your competitors and get their scores. Klout Simplify360

10. Addict-o-matic

Addictomatic neatly classifies your brand mentions based on the sources of mentions.

simplify360   Addictomatic