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 Timeline Look For Facebook Pages

Timeline Look For Facebook Pages

Facebook, we believe is all about changes and latest in the addition is the Timeline platform for Facebook pages.

Most popular landing page will be passé` now, they will still exist but can only be accessed as app but if landing page is gone than what’s new. So, with timeline comes a cover photo. Brands will have to be really creative with their cover photo. It should be creative enough to depict brand image. Facebook never forgets to put restriction to your creativity, this time also cover photo comes with lot many guidelines

Some interesting cover photos

Starbucks cover photo showcases coffee beans

Fanta’s cover photo speaks the brand

Redbull promoting their product line through cover photo

What else is new with Timeline Platform?

Custom application

You now get wider layout to feature application 810-pixel layout. You can also add thumbnail image to all your apps.  This gives you chance to have more visibility for the applications. The dimension to set up the icon for application is 111px x 74px.

Send messages

Brands can now send and receive private messages to and from fans. This will definitely help in creating engagement and interaction.  This was one of the most awaited feature.

Pin your post

Pin a new post to the top of your Page each week so people notice what’s important.

Create Milestones for your business

You can create milestones by going back in time. If you post a milestone back in time it will appear on the fans news feed on the current date. This will help in creating engagement and buzz about your brand.


With many features going out, Timeline introduces many other relevant features which will add value to the page and brand. We believe changes are for good and we love the current change.


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