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 What is there, What is not : New Facebook Insights

What is there, What is not : New Facebook Insights

The new Facebook Insights certainly shows a promising road map for the segment which has been largely ignored by Facebook. It had many usability and data issues in past, some of them seems to be fixed but some are still there.
Lets look at the improvements which has been made. Firstly they have introduced a single dashboard called ‘Overview’ for Page likes, Post Reach, Engagement Metrics and Recent posts. In a snapshot it shows the change in likes, reaches and individual engagement metrics (Likes, Comments, Shares and Post Clicks). This is a good dashboard which you would probably refer to every week.
Facebook Insight Page
Besides the overview dashboard, they have Page, Posts and People dashboards also. These dashboards contain the same information which was present before but in different layouts.
Page Dashboard has all the information about the trends in likes, reach and visits. The only feature which has been improved in this section is the trend in total fans and the flexibility to chose last 3 months data. Though it is a simple change, it would put many marketers at ease as it was extremely difficult to find the trend in the total likes for the page.

Facebook Page Dashboard

Post Dashboard has details on the reach and engagement metrics for each post, categorized with respect to its type. It also has one extra section called ‘When Your Fans Are Online’. It basically shows you at what time your fans are active.

Facebook Post Dashboard

People dashboard contains the generic demographic details of your fans, people who have seen the post and people who have engaged with the post.

Facebook People Insights

Though there are lots of improvements in the usability factor and data availability, it is still not everything that a marketer would be satisfied with. We have been showcasing our own Simplify360 Facebook Insights to many brands, businesses and agencies and we have found that these metrics only cover the surface of your Facebook pages.
Simplify360 has some very interesting Facebook insights reports which can provide much more detailed analysis of your business page.
Below are some of the interesting features which Simplify360 has.


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