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 The fine art of listening and responding to Social Media sentiments

The fine art of listening and responding to Social Media sentiments

While social media presence and campaigns are gathering steam and adoption is rising, the key aspect of having a finger on the pulse about your campaign is a high priority factor that has a direct bearing on the success of your campaign. The effort and time that an organization puts into running the campaign can be mapped directly to results based on what the response is from the platforms where it is running. While this sounds easy, when put into practice, there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Let us look at this in detail.

Considering the number of blogs, micro-blogs are various sites that exist and talk about a huge number of trending topics, the sentiment analysis needs to be very focused and non-biased. There are also various other things that need to be weighed in. Sentiment needs to rise above just tracking dictionary matches to key words or terms that are associated with your campaign. The tool that is being used needs to have the capability to analyze whether a mention is positive or negative and hence facilitate course corrections based on regular reporting of the sentiment. It pays not only to listen, but after listening and hearing what is being said, you need to be able to action on the data.

Let me state this up front sentiment analysis is getting better. As processing power and algorithms grow increasingly more powerful and sophisticated, this will naturally happen. While no system can claim to get and analyze everything in every possible way, when it comes to your social media campaign, you need to be engaging a system that is atleast 60% accurate and is using an algorithm that can smartly learn from ongoing data analysis. We can clearly and safely say that. With such a system, the bridge between a man and a system analyzing trends and sentiments can get narrower with time. And the data that such a system can come up with; will be an excellent enabler for the final decision and course correction flow to take over.

This is where a well thought out tool like Simplify360 will add exponential value to your social media campaign. The powerful algorithms that are employed ensure that none of the right data is lost and at the same time the really useless data is filtered out. This ensures that you are not just mention-counting but actually crunching and analyzing really useful data. So when you are running a campaign with Simplify360, you have the power of precise and useful sentiment analysis and brand monitoring that are invaluable to any campaign. This will definitely lend a lot of credibility and flexibility to your campaign.