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 #TeenChoice – Power to the Teens

#TeenChoice – Power to the Teens

“Give me the power!!!” Oh yeah! The Wish of millions of teenagers has been answered by Fox Entertainment Channel, with The Teen Choice Awards. It’s that time of the year when the teenagers vote for their favorites in music, movies, sports, television, fashion, and more. The winners take home a surfboard as a representation of the freedom that comes with the forthcoming summer vacations. What’s more? The teens also get to choose the design for the surfboard! Isn’t this a great way to show your power, by supporting the celebrity you are crazy about? Teenagers have already begun to unleash their power using social media by tweeting frantically with the hash-tag “TeenChoice”. The numbers are overwhelming. Check it out:
A jaw dropping 2 million tweets from across the globe has already been sent, voting for the stars in just one day! Social Media is definitely one giant home for the teenagers.
A whopping 61.22% of the votes have come from the girls! When it comes to awards and celebrities, the girls do beat the boys.
Gender Ratio
76% of the teenagers love this new power of voting on social media, while a lesser crowd feels that the awards could be rigged.
The voting has brought together the teens from across continents. The Teens from the United States of America lead with 33.69% of the votes while Brazilians come next with 12.44% of the votes. 9.08% from China, 4.33% from Philippines and 3.43% from the UK take the third, fourth and fifth spots. The rest of the world contributes 37.03% of the votes.
Celebrities, if you got to win and win big, you ought to have a grand presence on social media. You can’t be elusive from your fans anymore. You need to engage with your fans online to grow your fan base larger by the day. Social media provides just the right platform to reach out to your fans from across the globe, instantly. And the teens, of course they have the power. After all, what’s a celebrity without fans?

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