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 Status Ads on WhatsApp by 2020!

Status Ads on WhatsApp by 2020!

WhatsApp finally confirms that Ads will be displayed on the status page.

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Recently at Facebook Marketing Summit held at the Netherlands, Facebook confirmed that WhatsApp status ads will be rolled out starting 2020.
Olivier Ponteville, who attended the conference tweeted “WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads in its status product in 2020”.
This news had trended in the month of October, where media reported that WhatsApp is planning to allow advertisements to be displayed in the “Status” section of the app.

Currently, this popular feature is being used by millions of users to share text, photos, videos and animated GIFs for a duration of 24 hours with their contacts.
Status advertisements will be backed up by Facebook’s native advertising systems. These Ads will enable users to engage with the businesses using the messaging app.

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