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 Social Media Strategy Review – Rajasthan Royals

Social Media Strategy Review – Rajasthan Royals

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Rajasthan Royals made a place for themselves in the IPL history by winning the first edition of the tournament. Known for spending less and relying upon talented youngsters, Rajasthan Royals have a vast fan following on its social media platforms.
On Facebook, the Rajasthan Royals have more than 1.8 million fans. This season of IPL has seen their fan base increase by almost half a million since the inception. The team has managed to gather fans from almost all parts of the world with Pakistan and Bangladesh following India as the country with most number of Rajasthan Royals fans. Despite the presence of quality Australian players in the side, it’s interesting to see only a few people supporting the side on Facebook.
Most of the content shared on the Facebook page is in the form of photos or external links except for the live match coverage that keeps the fans updated. The use of #Royals and #WeAreRoyals is quite popular and makes it easier to keep a track of the tweets pertinent to the team.
The page allows fans to post their opinions which are visible to whoever visits the page. The fans make use of this feature often to make their feelings regarding the performances known. However, the page admins never respond to anything that is posted on the page. Every update on the Facebook page over the last seven days has received an average of 8,815 likes, 724 comments and 230 shares. Even in this, updates that have carried images have received the maximum interactions.
The team also holds competitions from time to time which help in keeping the fan engagement at a high level.


On Twitter, Rajasthan Royals have around 284K followers. The content being shared is almost similar to that being posted on Facebook but the updates are more frequent and concise. In all, 21,518 tweets have been sent thus far in addition to uploading 573 images/videos.

As is evident from the picture, Rajasthan Royals has been creating buzz in their desired age group with 41% of mentions coming from people between the 13-20 age group. They could perhaps work on getting mentions from the 21-30 age group. While talking of mentions, it is evident that the number of mentions received on matchdays increases when being compared to days when the team is not in action.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Also, the  sentiment thus far has been largely positive owing to a  strong performance on the pitch in this edition


Rajasthan Royals’ twitter account was recently engaged in a friendly banter with Sunrisers Hyderabad after suffering a bitter defeat to the Orange Army.
Rajasthan Royals is very active on its YouTube channel and has more than 6000 subscribers. Since joining the platform in 2008, their videos have received over 2 million views. The videos that are posted are categorized in various playlist as per the players in the video.
These videos provide the build up to the games and also provide exclusive reviews post match. They also provide an insight into the lives of the players as they prepare for matches after matches in the tight schedule of the IPL. The length of the videos is generally from 2-5 minutes meaning people can easily watch them anytime!
Instagram is used to share behind the screen images that provide a personal touch to everything and everyone involved with the team. The Instagram account has 3,752 followers and has made 95 posts that receive around 200-300 likes per post.
Google Plus:
The club is not very active on Google+ and has only 198 followers on the platform. The content posted is similar to Facebook and Twitter but the frequency of updates and fan engagement is very less.
Mobile App:
In addition to aforementioned platforms, Rajasthan Royals also have mobile apps for Android and iPhone developed by their technology partners Tata Consultancy Services. The app gives information like latest score updates, league standings, schedule etc. along with detailed information of the squad, statistics, pictures and videos. The Android app has been downloaded 10,000 times and has been rated 5 star by 170 users while only 11 users have rated it as 3 star or less.
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