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 Social Media Services for Public Relations

Social Media Services for Public Relations

Public Relationship is all about communicating with customers and building brand trust and influence. For this purpose, PR personals are always looking for ways to communicate their message and make sure that level of trust is maintained. Though Social Media is a double edge sword for PR due to the fact that it’s a two way communication channel, there has never been such huge opportunities for PR professionals to leverage social media.

Most Hollywood celebrities are already using twitter as their main channel for PR purpose. Simplify360 provides a great platform for PR professionals to listen and engage with online communities.

In case of PR, there are few action items in Social media which must be carried out and Simplify360 allows you to achieve that easily.

a. Finding key influencers in Twitter
Finding Influencers talking about your interest of keywords is very easy in Simplify360. Displayed in an easy to understand dashboard, you can easily view the top twitter profiles talking and engage and follow them immediately.

b. Finding prominent blogs/forums related to your industry
Tracking blogs and forums is very easy in Simplify360 and following them up easier. Simply by putting the relevant keywords, you can track popular blogs and forums mentioning the keywords.

c. ROI for you PR Activities
It’s very important not only to engage in social media but also to find their return back in terms of community growth or growth in awareness. Simplify360’s easy brand tracking and channel analytics provides an easy way for you to manage and measure your ROI.

d. Publishing messages across the social web
Distributing key information and messages in timely manner is very important for PR. Simplify360’s efficient publishing and scheduling engine allows you to make sure that information is sent in timely manner.


e. Networking with connections
Simplify360’s Engagement Console helps you integrate all your social media profiles and engage with your connection seamlessly across the platform.

Simplify360 has lot to offer to PR firms and help them manage brands effectively and efficiently. With the added functionality and option to customize the application, PR firms or PR professionals can gain lot of value addition to their resources which cannot be found anywhere else.