Social Media Pulse: The case of customer outrage against Lemp brewpub on social media

It was one of those incidents which picked up on social media and ended up on mainstream media. This has opened up an altogether new face of social media crisis for all the brand owners.
We think that this particular incident can serve as a learning opportunity for all the community managers, and especially the ones who are managing hospitality accounts.
There was a similar incident about Star Bucks where a Starbucks cafe in Hong Kong’s posh financial district uses water from a tap near a urinal to brew coffee. This resulted in angry reactions from customers.
Social media played a critical role in making the issue an International outrage. It amplified the news and made it spread like a wildfire.
Lemp Brewpub was one of those incidents which actually led to measurable destruction caused to a brand through social media bashing.
Prior to this Lemp’s average review score on Zomato drastically reduced from 3.1 to 1.2 and that too in just one single day.
As a social media analyst, I literally saw what phenomenon social media has become and the power it possesses.
Here is a snapshot of what happened:
Lemp Brewpub - events timeline
The news began to pick up on Twitter. The original blogpost which has led to the wildfire was removed later.

Lemp Brewpub - Statistics
The management of Lemp Brewpub tried to take things the legal way while the outrage on social media continues.


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