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 Social Media Nightmare: When Hacker’s took a bite of Burger King!

Social Media Nightmare: When Hacker’s took a bite of Burger King!

On Feb 18th, 2013, Burger King woke up to the news that the fast food chain has been sold to its counterpart McDonalds and the official  twitter feed of the brand also started posting pro-McDonald’s messages.
Hackers took control of the official twitter account and went ahead and changed the name and image to that of McDonald’s.
There was a tweet which said: a_560x375
With people sending amusing tweets about the brand and the hacker group posting sarcastic tweets, Burger King would have felt in the  middle of nowhere as the account remained under hackers control for hours.
And while this was happening, twitter users took a moment to tweet and laugh at what happened with Burger King. The twitter account remained in control of the hackers for hours.
Then, twitter announced that the account has been suspended.
See how McDonald’s reacted to the incident!
1. Keep the social media credentials of the brand’s official account as much unpredictable as you can.
2. Access the channels through a secure and trusted network (never from a café/restaurant).
3. And, even then such thing happens; the account should be suspended, like Burger King did.
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