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 Where social media listening is headed in the next five years?

Where social media listening is headed in the next five years?

Social listening and monitoring industry has been growing ever since its inception. Without a doubt, social monitoring tools have reduced the gap between people and a brand name by at least a thousand fold; however there is a lot more potential in terms of harnessing benefit from it.
Here is my take on where I see the social media monitoring in the next five years:
Get much more on message diffusion: The term ‘Impressions’ will have a whole new meaning and not just on what or where your message is being dispersed. That will be the time when eyes and ears will all be focused on the ‘who. Eg: Segmentation of audience who created impressions on the basis of profiles of each individual (eg: profession, background etc) and not just gender or location. This would be so much more beneficial for a business to understand if their message is reaching the right target or not.
Analytics will not be limited to specific platforms but visualization will be done along crossed platforms and the measurement of responses/ comments/ conversations will be possible in a unified manner.
The next level of Sentiment analysis: Sentiment analysis will be extended to complex compound messages and not just on the basis of keywords. Sentiment mapping and visualization is done on the entire flow of conversation containing details and context of every conversation along with the users involved. This will take social media monitoring to the next level and we can predict negative sentiment diffusion specifically and ensure targeted measures so as to avert nightmares in time.
Fill the decision making process: Not just intelligent dashboards, but the tool itself would be so intelligent that you don’t require the need of an analyst.

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