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 Social Media Managers vs Community Managers

Social Media Managers vs Community Managers

What defines the roles of a Social Media Manager and a Community Manager?
So you thought it’s pretty much the same, whether you hire a social media manager or a community manager? Agreed that a lot of their responsibilities clash, there are however a few things that stay unique towards each one. Spotting the differences and drawing that thin line between the two might get a little easier hereafter.
To be very precise, the most important between the two roles would be being the brand itself and advocating about the brand. While Social media managers are responsible for creating the brand name by making use of content creation, talking to consumers on a real time basis over comments and messages, helping them solve their problems and more; a community manager creates their own unique identity and makes people aware about the brand. Simplistically, a social media manager deals with people who already know about the brand while the other builds awareness about the brand.
Here are a few differences between the two roles:
While Social Media Managers make use of creative content and social media campaigns to communicate with their audience, a Community Manager helps in building a strong relationship between the brand and the customers as well as acquire new customers using their charismatic personality.
Social Media Managers create and respond to content only when it is creative and social media driven, however Community Managers encourage and moderate new conversations among the community and influences while making use of traditional media as well.
Work Structure:
Social Media Managers work with multiple teams to create and monitor content and success of various campaigns. On the other hand Community Managers work with a precise operations team to execute campaigns.
Focus of Work:
Social Media Managers focus specifically on engagement through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Community Managers look into larger areas of online marketing.
Social Media managers are responsible and watch only over online campaigns while Community managers need to keep a watch over both online and offline campaigns.

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