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 How Social Media Made it Bigger by the Day

How Social Media Made it Bigger by the Day

When technology was not very advanced the only way of communicating stayed limited to letters and later long distance phone calls. This was not only expensive but also not a very feasible process, considering it required much more effort than how things happen at today’s date. With the advent of internet and e-mails, the concept of letter had become an electronic process and staying in touch became more real time. However, it was social media which actually brought the world together and turned it into a finely connected network.
Now people could make video calls and stay updated about what their friends and family is doing in a country which is continents apart. Social media not just helped people stay closer but also made great benefits for the marketers and companies who wanted to reach out to their customers in masses. Take a look at this infograph to understand the eventful history of “Social Media”. SM Infographicsw

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