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 Simplify360 Brand Audit Report for Enterprise

Simplify360 Brand Audit Report for Enterprise

Social Media Brand Audit Report enables enterprises to create strong and long-term social media strategies. At the core of social intelligence lies a solid social media monitoring foundation and analytics capabilities. With its strong capability to track millions of websites for user generated conversations, Simplify360 can overlay social conversations with intelligent analytics like sentiment analysis, text analysis and a strong buzz filter.

For months, we have been initiating dialogues with brands and agencies to position Simplify360 at the core of all their social media strategies. Along the way, we have been providing a lot of valuable social media insights which enable enterprises to make critical decisions.

In addition, we have published many open social media research reports on our Slideshare channel and it has been widely appreciated by the community.

Hence today, we officially launch Simplify360 Brand AuditTM , providing access to a wider audience with the goal of serving the best brands and helping enterprises make critical decisions based on social media insights.

Simplify360 Brand AuditTM comes in three flavours, Essential, Premium and Enterprise; catering to the different needs of businesses at various decision making stages.

Simplify360 Brand AuditTM  enables enterprises to:

1. Create an effective Digital Influence strategy
2. Measure the effectiveness of online and offline campaigns
3. Create advocacy and promotional campaigns for brand enhancement
4. Establish connections between online engagement and business values
5. Harness the power of word-of-mouth
6. Understand the audience affinity and marketplace intelligence
 You can download the copy of a Sample Brand Audit report on our website.


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