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 Social Media can be used to fire you – Surprising

Social Media can be used to fire you – Surprising

If social media can be used to hire you, then it can also be used to fire you!
Suppose, you get up, log in to your Facebook account, and you see an update from your company’s Facebook page that you have been fired – Wait…, say it again!
You’d feel the same way as officers of Dallas police would have felt, when they were fired by their police chief publicly – Here, the pink slips were handed over in form of tweets and Facebook posts,
On twitter, he notified the audience about the names, and to make it even more embarrassing the Dallas police department posted all the details on their Facebook pagesocial_media
Social Media world is growing now and now the giant is expanding its reach into the human psyche and consequently we are witnessing some of the strangest and weirdest usage of social media.
Share with us your views with us that whether this can become a trend in future – Shaming in public, internet style…..

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