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 Social Media Campaign Manager’s Best Friends

Social Media Campaign Manager’s Best Friends

Every social media campaign managers are big time jugglers. Managing online events, forums and communities is not an easy job. When you are offline campaign manager, the amount of conversations that you need to handle is limited by the space around you and the limit of your access to people. But in case of online communities, space is limitless and the conversations are infinite. From hundreds to thousands online messages are generated every minutes, especially if you are managing a popular brand.

In addition to managing, keeping track of activities and responses to your content is tiresome. Some of the key activities that most social media campaign managers need to face daily are :

1. Making insightful reports on activities,

2. Keeping track of all the content being published online,

3. Managing feedbacks from online communities,

4. Handling tough comments and members of communities,

5.  In addition to this, being aware of the trends and coming up with ideas for new campaigns.

Tough it sounds and tough it is. But the solution to these multitasking lies in managing your processes and flow of information and ideas between the teams and communities. A clear process needs to be defined so that no information or ideas go out of bound.


So who are Social Media Campaign Manager’s Best Friends?

1. Calender : Calenders are like your utility belts. It has every bit of information that you need. What is happening and when it is happening and where it is happening? Knowing the upcoming events and festivals is the secret sauce to creating an engaging campaigns. Every online communities are after all an offline being, influenced by offline environment. Understanding and knowing the events and news around, will equip social media campaign manager an idea on the mood of the community.

2. Scheduler : Planning is crucial for maintaining the flow of activities and anticipating changes in future. The idea behind planning not that you need to follow them, but to assure that there is a goal. And scheduler or in more general terms message scheduler will help social media managers to keep tight control over the messages being published. Having a reliable scheduler is a must.

3. Campaign Monitoring Tools : If Calender is your utility belt than monitoring tools are like your work stations. A BAT CAVE where you spend time pondering upon the response to your campaigns and deciphering the results of campaigns.


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