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 Social media analysis reveals Modi NOT most favoured Indian politician

Social media analysis reveals Modi NOT most favoured Indian politician

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BANGALORE: As the world’s largest democracy prepares to usher in a new government, an analysis of social media conversations has thrown up some surprising results.
For example, did you know the politician who is the most favoured by people online is Jyotiraditya Scindia of the Congress?
Among BJP leaders, it is the veteran LK Advani who leads the list, ahead of the party’s prime ministerial hopeful Narendra Modi.
On an average there were 77 lakh conversations per day on Indian politics on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the month of April.
We at Simplify360 analysed these conversations to rank politicians and parties.
Our Simplify360 Social Index (SSI) takes into account four parameters – awareness, spread, prominence and favourability.
A politician’s favourability is calculated by dividing the total positive mentions by the sum of positive and negative posts.
However, when one takes into account all the four parameters, Narendra Modi emerges on top, followed by Arvind Kejriwal of AAP. That is, in terms of awareness and social media mentions, Modi beats all others hands down.
Among parties, BJP had the highest SSI score, but the Biju Janata Dal had the highest favourability score (among parties with a buzz volume greater than 5K in April).
Despite all the talk about anti-incumbency, Congress managed to be among the top three most favoured parties.
Of course, social media analysis is notoriously tricky, and it would be naive to extrapolate these figures to the offline world.
A politician may have just 10 tweets about him, and none are critical. This means he will have a favourability score of 100%.
For example, in the month of April, even though Jyotiraditya Scindia has the highest favourability score, the number of unique people talking about him stands at a paltry 705. The corresponding figure for Modi is 2,97,976.
Here are some top political tweets for the month of April:

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