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 Social Customer Service Review: P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Social Customer Service Review: P.F. Chang's China Bistro

logoActive on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube
Communication Strategy: Images
P.F. Chang’s does not make daily updates on either Facebook or Twitter, but content is uploaded thrice a week. There are similar updates on both of these platforms which are mostly about new dishes, specials and promotional offers. Their focus is on driving sales rather than driving traffic or going viral. Replies are customized and do not seem computer generated. Usually, complaints or feedback is replied to within 24 hours, but in some cases, it has been late, or absent (Figure 4.1). Customer posts are a mixture of complaints and praise.
Facebook: P.F. Chang’s Facebook page has 859,530 likes but just 1,326 people have been engaged.
Twitter: 74K followers. Their bio highlights their new spring menu: “Share fresh-picked flavors at P.F. Chang’s with our NEW Chef’s Seasonal Menu.”
Instagram: There are 2706 followers on P.F. Chang’s Instagram profile but there has been no activity from them since June 2012. The link to this page wasn’t present on their homepage.
Pinterest: It can be inferred that P.F. Chang’s is fairly active on Pinterest, considering the 16 boards they run. They have a board dedicated to each seasonal menu, their restaurants and signature dishes from different categories (e.g., starters, soups and salads, chicken dishes, beef dishes etc.). They have a total of 8286 followers and have made 173 pins.
Google+: P.F. Chang’s activity on their Google+ page has reduced since June 2013. Since then, just a couple of updates a month is what is seen on average. They have 1435 followers and the page has been viewed 477,000 times.
YouTube: The channel run by P.F. Chang’s on YouTube has 367 subscribers. It has 3 playlists, 1 on their employees, 1 on their Happy Hours and 1 featuring their commercials.
Yelp: P.F. Chang’s average Yelp rating across the U.S. is 3/5.

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