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 Social Customer Service Review – HDFC Bank

Social Customer Service Review – HDFC Bank

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Being a HDFC bank customer, writing a customer service review is pretty interesting. 🙂
Not many may know that HDFC or The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited was amongst the first banks to receive an approval from RBI to set up a bank in the private sector.
Without a doubt, HDFC is one of the most popular banks in India.
Okay, without much anticipation let’s dive in to the review part. 😉
Interestingly, HDFC has widespread social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and SlideShare, although mostly active on Facebook and Twitter.
Element 1 – Tone of Messaging
HDFC has a formal tone of communication on Facebook and Twitter.
Element 2 – Are they sending canned responses, without understanding the context?
Although HDFC does not respond to every query on social media, when they do; they respond to the issue only after understanding it well.
Here are few examples:
Element 3 – Response Time
HDFC has a very high response time, which is not appreciated.
They have a response time of around 277 minutes on Facebook with a response rate of 80%. Also, there are a number of unanswered queries on their page.
On Twitter they have two handles, @HDFC_Bank and @HDFCBank_Cares. HDFCBank_Cares is a dedicated handle for customer complaints and resolution. The response time is 474 Minutes on @HDFC_Bank and 259 Minutes on @HDFCBank_Cares.
And we were not at all surprised when a user complained about not being responded by HDFC, ahh thankfully in this case they did respond the second time. 😛
Also, one thing that I observed is that HDFC only responds to negative queries but never appreciates or acknowledges a positive response from fans.
A typical example would be:
Element 4 – Is brand sending personalized replies?
Yes, every interaction is on a personal level by tagging the user. Also, the agent puts their name at the end of the message- a good norm.
Element 5 – Is brand following up on the complaints?
We did not come across any conversations on follow ups from HDFC. Rather there are a lot of queries which have not been answered.
Element 6 – Is brand answering to all the queries?
HDFC has a number of queries which have not been answered.
Element 7 – Is the brand present on major complaint forums? which is one of the biggest online complaint forums in India has around 568 reviews of HDFC, mostly negatives 🙁 , however none have been responded by the brand.
Element 8 – Is brand sending duplicate replies?
No HDFC does not send duplicate replies; they customize their messages to each and every query- a good practice indeed.
Not to deny the fact that among all the banks in India, HDFC is the most social bank, at least on social media (check our report).
However they do have a lot of rooms for improvement. Even though they have a fan base of over 2.2M, their engagement rate is only 0.27% and although their posts are perfectly timed, they could get a little more creative and interact in a more curious way. 🙁
Being a Community Manager myself, I believe the most important factor in building an online community is being a part of the people, when the fans feel special about being a part of your brand. As of now, HDFC is only responding to negatives and not leveraging the positives, not even acknowledging- which is bad. 🙁
A few examples:
Personally I have not faced any major issues with HDFC, but after going through the responses from other customers, I guess I will have to start being a little cautious.
I know you guys have a lot to share on your experience with your bank. Do let us know in the comments below. 🙂


  • Attention Mr. Aditya Puri
    There is no response even after 157 reminders
    brief facts as follows
    Dear Sir,
    This is to share with you that i am having credit card no. **** 6044 from the last many years and you may check from the record that there is no complaint even late payment from Bank to me against this credit card since I am using this.
    In December 2012 I lost my job due to that I could not make the payment of this card and I use this card hoping that as soon as I got the job will clear all the dues as I always keep my record neat and clean from starting.
    But unfortunately I could not got the job till Nov 2013 in the mean time as i was not able to make the payment to card. HDFC bank representative Mr. Bhawsek – 9313158254 claiming that Manager from Rajori Garden branch alongwith two persons (Mr. Choudhary and Mr Vijay) and show us his Bank visiting card, visit my home in the month of September 2013. At that time i was at home due to jobless and my father meet to him. He asked us to make the payment for the card. I request him that i am jobless that’s why not able to make the payment pls allow me some time approx 6 month time sothat i could got the job and will start making payment of the card with a commitment that whatever outstanding alongwith penalty of the bank I will pay becoz as i have use this card in my very much difficult time and have no intention not to pay to the Bank. But they force me that, time can not be allowed, we have only option for settlement with Bank. I was not in a position to make the payment at that time also but they committed us that we have to pay only 1 lac to 1.10 lac against total outstanding around 2.23 lacs. I had to agree becoz they had denied to give time.
    They taken a cheque of Rs. 9500 to start the EMI and asked us to send a settlement letter from the Bank of Rs. 1.10. After one week I receive a call from Mr. Bhawsek that we are sending a letter with a confirmation call from the Bank to you for Rs. 2.13 lac please accept that we are here for our commitment. You need not to worry you have to only pay around Rs 1 lac as we will resettle this case within six month time.
    Since then I am paying EMI as per guidance from him but from the last couple of months neither they are picking phone nor responding but bank staff making pressure by making phone calls 2-4 time in a day to make the payment to complete the settlement amount 2.23 lac which has been accepted by me.
    In the month of Dec 2013 i got a job @ 20,000/- I have two school going kids and all the expense of day to day work of the family but even then managing to pay the EMIs of Rs. 9500, 11500, 12650 and 22900 which is totally very much difficult for me to manage but as committed to your manager I am following hoping to clear this.
    This is a total cheating done with me from your manager Mr. Bhawsek. You are requested to kindly keeping in view my past record from the date of relation with Bank, settle this account within 1 lacs as i have already paid Rs. 77000+ the remaining amount as per commitment done by Bhawsek I will manage to pay. But making the full payment as per the settlement letter still on too much higher side for me to make the payment.
    You may cross check about this with your manager Mr. Bhawsek and two person which i visited my home with him Mr Choudhary and Mr Vijay. Mr Vijay keep on coming to me to collect the EMI amount and every time he confirm their commitment. If I am wrong according to Your Manager Mr. Bhawsek I am ready to bear action taken by Bank against me.
    So Once again request to kindly treat this case keeping in view my past record with Bank and my present difficult time in which it is managing much difficult for me even running expense of my family.
    Awaiting for your favorable decision in this regard.
    With Warm Regards
    Vijender Ruhela

  • HDFC Bank is the worst bank, I am sure even Andhra Bank would have better services

  • This complaint is regarding a fraudulent transaction that had taken place from my HDFC account (Customer Number: 21166022) on 2nd July-2018 of INR 7443. I had immediately blocked my card and launched a complaint about the enquiry about this on 3rd-July-2018. The complaint number provided to me was MUMA0718015629. I was given assurance via mail that this issue would be addressed and a solution will be provided within their stated SLA of 8 working days. In the interim I had called the helpdesk multiple times enquiring about the progress and each time I was told that someone was looking into this. However this was not resolved during this time frame.So on 16th of July, I launched another complaint MUMT0718111543 with the next level and again as I received a standard response asking for more details which I provided. Again as per their SLA I was been asked to wait for 5 Working days and call back in the interim if I had any queries. Whenever I called them I received a standard response that my complaint resolution is in progress, but never was I allowed to speak with anyone who could actually tell the actual progress.
    So after the passage of 5 working days on 19th July I receive a mail stating that the bank was charge vide reference number MDP076565 (Attached a screenshot of that mail) and that the amount would be credited to my account on 24th Aug as per their TAT for Rupay/VISA/Master card TAT. So I did wait for that time frame of TAT and on 23rd Aug I received another mail that they would again raise another chargeback for which the TAT now is 16th Sep (Attached a screenshot of that mail). So everytime the bank is extending the time by giving a new excuse.
    I have tried to reach every level of escalation including Principal Nodal Officer Mr. Appala Pranesh Rao but each time I was blocked by the helpdesk who simply refused to disclose any information.
    Such is the level of un professionalism of this bank.

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