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 Simplify360's Guide to Social Media Analytics

Simplify360's Guide to Social Media Analytics

Social media strategy alone is not enough to derive what is working and what is not with your fans, you need insights and analysis to really understand that.
Simplify360’s social media analytics platform exactly allows you to achieve that. Here is what you can do with our analytics platform:
1. Drive more traffic and engagement– Understand the behavior of your customers and determine the most active times of your fans and schedule content accordingly. With advanced analytics and in-depth content analysis you will be able to find out what works best with your community. Know your brand advocates and influencers and make the best of the opportunity.
2. Measure your performance– Benchmark your performance with solid KPIs and metrics with your social media strategy and our tool will ensure you if you are keeping up with them. Simplify360’s built in algorithm keeps a track of your activities and scores everyday which is why you need not visit any other ranking website to know where you stand.
3. Compare and see where you stand against your competitors– With our intelligent comparison dashboards you will be able to make a comparison with your competitors for various social media channels.
4. Do magic with social data- How magical is it when you have the right tools and the skills to drive meaning out of data? Simplify360 is exactly designed for that purpose. You can dissect various indications and discover new ideas and opportunities.
5. Reach new heights with improved customer satisfaction– Don’t just collect leads, keep your customers happy and make them keep coming back to you. With our intelligent customer profiling and sentiment analysis you can trace and track a customer’s intent and handle all queries in time.