Simplify360 ups its Contact Centre Offering brings Noise Filter and Message History

noise filter
Simplify360, the leading Social Media Intelligence firm, in its version 4.2 launched advanced features like profile without keywords, source selection of a profile and message history.
These advanced features can help the tool with social media monitoring and CRM. With these features the tool has become much more flexible to work with and is expected to enhance the user experience. The profile without keywords feature will help in monitoring the required pages without adding any of the keywords. The users are now given an option to skip the step to add the keywords.

Fig:  A profile with out keywords.
Fig: A profile with out keywords.

In here after skipping the “words to track” field, users can add the required brand pages to be monitored, managed. This finishes the profile creation without keywords. Also the users now needs to keep in mind that either “Work to Track” or channels would need to be provided for profile to work.
The newly introduced source selection profile screen will help users to select the sources from which conversations needs to be received. These sources can be chosen while creating or editing a brand profile.
Fig: Source selection option while editing a profile
Fig: Source selection option while editing a profile

With this feature users need to make sure that at least one source should be selected when keyword is defined.
Another feature introduced which can give a boost on social CRM front is on message history. Now the earlier messages sent by a user can be viewed by clicking on the “Show Messages” option provided in the workflow actions of a message.
Fig: Show messages option
Fig: Show messages option

Regarding the launch of these advanced features Simplify360 CTO Rohit Gupta says, “It is very important to know complaint history while looking at a customer complaint. The history gives holistic information and the power for the rep to serve the customer better.”
He adds, “The advanced filtering options are brought to enable companies to listen to just what they want. Now onwards, no noise in the stream”.
Simplify360 believes in discovering new ways of enhancing their product to maintain their lead in the industry and to deliver the best to its clients. Simplify360 has once again reinforced its leadership and its drive for excellence by coming out with these extremely innovative and user friendly features.

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