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 Simplify360 Simplifies the Customer Service Job

Simplify360 Simplifies the Customer Service Job

If you are under the conception that what happens in the mind of a consumer stays in their mind, you are completely mistaken. To be precise, the fact that Social Media today, is that one place, where everyone is present and they are all up for some gossip, dilution of your brand name is easy and might not be the best idea.
Why does such a thing happen? Well when people talk about the problems they faced with a brand, they expect to be noticed and attended to. That’s exactly why complaining on twitter and facebook today have become the most common way of trying to get a problem resolved. This only means that your audience is out there in the public venting out their anger in front of millions of other people. What does this do? It creates a bad impression about your, instigates other loyal customers against you, reduces lead generation, spoils your brand name and the list of bad that can happen goes on.
So, is there a solution to this?
As fast as the mindset of people is advancing, so is the world of technology. In fact with tools like Simplify360, you can track down each and every mention made about your brand and respond to each individually. And all this happens through a single platform reducing hassle as well as human effort.
The updated Customer Service Dashboard by Simplify360 allows you to make sure no comment or complaint which needs response gets missed. This cloud based software ensures strategic prioritizing which strategically divides all your messages, comments, complaints, mentions etc. into various buckets avoiding any confusion or fear of losing data. It is also design to automatically assign and reassign tasks making the process of answering to queries more systematic. This process is also linked to a routing and re-routing procedure which allows queuing of messages and reduces confusion at the customer service desk.
The dashboard includes various functions such as the custom case form creation, which makes the lives of managers a lot easier. By using this functionality, they can easily keep record of solved and unsolved cases or even pull out cases which need further attention.
That’s not it!
This unique dashboard also allows managers to pull out data related to customer support metrics, such as turnaround time, employee performance, benchmark against your SLA and more. This saves a lot of time, generally wasted in analyzing individual performances manually.
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